It Was Just a Game That Came True

It was just a game my best friend Jamie and I were playing 5 months ago. Now everything happened but not in a happy fun way but in a bad and scary way. Jamie and I were taking a walk when it all happened, it felt like someone was following us. So we turned around and nothing was there. After a few minutes I had something over my head and my hands and feet were tied together. Who were these people that kidnapped Autumn and Jamie?? And was it a good thing? Could it change their lives in a good or bad way? Read to find out how it all happened.


2. Seeing Her...

Louis's POV:


      What did we just do?! We can't kidnap that's illegal!!! "AHHHHH!!" one of the girls screamed. I pulled off the cloth from her head and her mouth dropped. I guess she's a big fan or something. She screamed again but in a fangirling way. She is beautiful. Her hair is brown with tints of blond and red. Her eyes are just big and brown. She's perfect. "What's your name, love?" I asked. "A-Autumn..." she or Autumn stuttered in fear.


 Autumn's POV:


      OMG!!!! IT'S LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!! Wait... they kidnapped Jamie and me!! "What's your name, love?" Louis asked me. "A-Autumn..." I answered in fear of what he might do to Jamie and me. "Don't be scared I'm not gonna hurt you and your little friend." he explained but I didn't believe him. Louis and the rest of the band are probably going to hurt us. Why else would they kidnap us? "Yeah right!! Why else would you kidnap me and Jamie!!!!!!" I yelled in his face making him angry but he just turned his head to the front again and didn't say anything. PHEW!! I thought I got him mad and gave him a reason to hurt us.



 Louis's POV:


"Yeah right!! Why else would you kidnap me and Jamie!!!!!!" Autumn yelled in my face making me angry. I just turned my head to the front of the car and didn't say anything. That really made me mad. Well I don't know why the boys kidnapped them it was Zayn's idea.


 Jamie's POV:


WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!???? All I hear is screaming from Autumn and some saying don't b scared I'm not going to hurt you and your little friend. And I think that set off Autumn to start yelling. "Yeah right!! Why else would you kidnap me and Jamie!!!!!!" Gezz he really got her mad. then there was silence from the car no one was talking or anything...





hi do you guys like it? this is my first time writing a fanfic. and idk like how to put it so just comment cuz idk if its good or not. THANK U!! ~cows_and_piggies~

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