It Was Just a Game That Came True

It was just a game my best friend Jamie and I were playing 5 months ago. Now everything happened but not in a happy fun way but in a bad and scary way. Jamie and I were taking a walk when it all happened, it felt like someone was following us. So we turned around and nothing was there. After a few minutes I had something over my head and my hands and feet were tied together. Who were these people that kidnapped Autumn and Jamie?? And was it a good thing? Could it change their lives in a good or bad way? Read to find out how it all happened.


5. Help Me

Jamie's POV:


         Zayn took me to another room and closed and locked the door. "What's your name, love?" Zayn asked me with a smirk on his face. "Um.... J-Jamie." I said stuttering. "Why the stuttering, love?" He asked. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want him to get him mad because I was scared of what he might do to me. I just wanted Autumn. I'm getting really terrified. Zayn keeps staring at me. I guess he's waiting for an answer... "U-Um n-no reason." I said stuttering again. I hate myself so much just stop stuttering!! "Jamie you sure you okay??" he asked again. I just stared off into space pretending I didn't hear anything so I didn't have to answer.


 Zayn's POV:


Why does she keep stuttering?? Is she scared or nervous? She can't be nervous maybe Jamie is scared. She won't answer me though. It's getting me mad. "Why aren't you answering me?!" I yelled slapping Jamie in across the face. She started crying. Oh my God I didn't mean to I just got mad. "HELP ME!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. I punched her in the gut and told her to shut up. Jamie cried harder. I feel so bad but she just got on my nerves because she wasn't answering me. "I'm sorry" I whispered. I doubt she could hear me because she was crying so hard curled up in a ball on the floor.  

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