It Was Just a Game That Came True

It was just a game my best friend Jamie and I were playing 5 months ago. Now everything happened but not in a happy fun way but in a bad and scary way. Jamie and I were taking a walk when it all happened, it felt like someone was following us. So we turned around and nothing was there. After a few minutes I had something over my head and my hands and feet were tied together. Who were these people that kidnapped Autumn and Jamie?? And was it a good thing? Could it change their lives in a good or bad way? Read to find out how it all happened.


4. An Apology

Louis POV:

           I saw Autumn run to the corner and immediately felt bad. I wanted to go up to her but was scared she might cry even harder and start yelling at me. I got up and walked out of the room to let her calm down but she stopped me. ''I'm sorry for being this way."she said wiping away her tears. "No, I should be the one who's sorry. I kidnapped you..." I said getting mad at myself for kidnapping Autumn and Jamie. "I've been going through a tough time with my boyfriend breaking up with me because Jamie pulled a little prank and he blamed it on me and broke up with me..." she said breaking out in tears again. I tried to comfort her but she just kept pushing me away... she must've really loved him...

Autumn POV:

             I kept crying and crying and Louis wanted to comfort me but I didn't him to. I wanted Jamie. Where did Zayn take her what if he hurts her!! I started crying harder of the thought of that and Louis tried to ask me something but I couldn't understand him over my crying. He just stared at me waiting for an answer that wasn't gonna come. I just wish that Marcus could've been a little more mature and asked if I did it than just breaking up with me like that. I wanted to go home! "I miss Marcus!! I want him back!!" I cried into Louis's shoulder tired of pushing him away. "Who's Marcus??" Louis asked. "He-he is the boy that broke m-my heart..." I cried.




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