It Was Just a Game That Came True

It was just a game my best friend Jamie and I were playing 5 months ago. Now everything happened but not in a happy fun way but in a bad and scary way. Jamie and I were taking a walk when it all happened, it felt like someone was following us. So we turned around and nothing was there. After a few minutes I had something over my head and my hands and feet were tied together. Who were these people that kidnapped Autumn and Jamie?? And was it a good thing? Could it change their lives in a good or bad way? Read to find out how it all happened.


11. A Dream Come True

Louis's POV:

          I finally got the girl of my dreams. She's like the other part of me that was missing. I love her so much. "Hey Lou?!" Autumn screamed from my room. "Yes?!" I asked walking to my room. "Can you help me?" she asked while jumping trying to get a pair of my old sweats from a high shelf in my room. "Absolutly" I said smiling getting the sweats down from the shelf. "Thanks, bubs" Autumn said while grabbing them from my hands. "Anything for you, babe" I said kissing her on the lips softly.

Autumn's POV:

          I finally don't feel hurt when I'm with Louis. Marcus was the only one I thought of but now all I can think about is Lou and we haven't even been together for two hours. "I love you, Autumn." Louis said breaking me out of my thought. "I love you, too, Louis." I said with a huge smile in my face thinking that he actually loves me.

Jamie's POV:

           Harry and Niall have been in this room with me for like three hours now. What ever happened to Autumn?  "Can I go see Autumn, please?" I asked politly. "Why would you want to see her when you can be here with us?" Harry asked with a devil's grin. "Because she's my best friend, almost like my sister. Now can you please answer my question?" I asked getting more angry with them for keeping me in here. "Well in that case, LOU!?" Niall shouted making Louis dash down the stairs with Autumn behind him. Louis and Autumn came, when Autumns saw me she started crying into Louis's shoulder. Wait... what?! Are they together?!

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