Mia was just a normal girl who wasn't really looking for love. Joel was a guy who had a dark past and was trying to cover it up within him. when the two come together as one they make something bigger then anything else in the world. but then a dark part of Joel's life came back to haunt him and when he came face to face with it, it ended something that would have lasted forever. will Joel fight or will he back down and lose everything.


2. meeting Mia

  Joel's pov-

 I was at the bar just minding my own business and then a guy bumped into me causing me to spill my drink. That pissed me off so i pushed the drunken idiot and then i watch him fall. He got up quickly and started to push me back and telling me all kinds of shit. I was trying to keep my cool in and so far it was working but i really felt like beating the crap out of this guy. So i just walked away and made my way through the crowd and then i bumped into someone. When i looked up to see who it was I saw a beautiful girl that had long brown hair that fell over her shoulders which complimented her big brown eyes that were locked with mine.

  "sorry I wasn't paying attention to where i was going." i said as i walked away and made my way towards the exit. 

 When i finally got outside of the club i walked to my apartment and just had little tears fall down my cheeks. The reason why i had tears is because well today is the anniversary that my mom and sister were buried. They were buried about 6 years ago today, i had missed them very dearly. They were the best thing in my life and they were taken away by the devil himself. 


i remember hearing the yelling run through the walls of my house and they instant bangs on the wall that shook the whole house. Me and my sister, Macy, were hiding in the closet upstairs in my room. We would hide so our father wouldn't find us while he was drunk. It seemed like the yelling was getting louder and louder every second, and then everything just stopped. Their was nothing but silence and then the front door slammed closed which startled me a little. Me and Macy got up and walked out of the closet very slowly. We didn't hear a single sound then we went downstairs and then i wished i didn't. There my beautiful mother laid with blood coming out of her with a knife right where her heart was. The sight made me cry and so did my sister. We didn't know what to do so we called 911. When they arrived they put her in the ambulance and took her away. We couldn't stop crying and then our father came home. 

"what did you two tell the police!?"

We didn't say anything at first but we had to say something before we got stabbed ourselves. "We said that she stabbed herself." saying those words tore me apart but i had to do it so i could protect Macy, even though she was 18 and i was 14. We could tell that he was pissed but we had to what he said. 

"Good now don't tell anyone what really happened or you would end up like your mother."

Hearing him say those words put me into rage but i had to hold it in. i felt like beating the crap out of him but i couldn't cause i knew what he would do. 

 2 days later-

Its been about 2 days since our mother had died and things have just gotten worse. Me and Macy have been sleeping in the same bed together sine we don't feel safe in our rooms. I remember getting up to go to the restroom for about 4 minutes and when i returned to Macy's room i saw her. She was lying in her bed with her eyes closed but with a knife inside of her. i held in the tears and walked up to her. i grabbed the necklace off her neck and placed it over mine. i then grab the sheet and cover her with it. Then i hear laughter come from the doorway, i turned and saw the devil with another knife in his hand.

"Now Joel its your turn."

"Why did you kill her, She never did anything to you so did mom!?"

"Your mother deserved it and you and your sister turned me into the police. And don't say you did cause i know you did."

"Me and Macy never said anything and no mom didn't deserve it! You deserve it."

I then found my strength and attack my dad. I was hitting him with all of my might and watching him bleed to the death made me feel good. He then used the knife on me and cut me very deep. I was bleeding and then i used it against him. I know he fell down but he didn't die. i got up as quick as i can and ran towards the door making my way out of the house. i ran and ran, and when i finally stopped i looked at my cut and it was still bleeding but not as much. i then slid my back down the wall of a building and looked at the necklace that my sister had on. It had a 'm' on it which stood for my mother name and Macy's name. I held it in my hand very tightly and cried all night long without getting up.


The painful memories still hurt till this day. My father went to jail but he wasn't going to be in there for very long. I left my thoughts as soon as i arrived at my house. When i entered my house i took my coat off and went up to my room. i then laid flat on my bed with me looking up at the ceiling holding the the necklace that my sister had in my hand and soon followed by falling asleep.

i woke up the next day and got up not feeling to well. I then get up and change into something that looked nice and brushed my teeth before heading out the door. I was just walking the streets of LA when i bumped into a girl.


 "I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention." the girl said as she was picking up the cup.

 "Clearly and are you alright?" 

 "Yea, but i should asking you that."

 "Don't worry i'm fine and i needed to change my shirt anyways."

 "Oh okay, i have a shirt at my house if you want to use it and i could wash this one for you."

 "Oh okay thanks."

 "No problem. come one my house is this way. Oh and by the way my name is Mia."


Mia then walked me to her house which was about 8 blocks away. I was trying to remember were i have seen her before and then it hit me she was the girl that i bumped into last night. Wow she was very hot and look at her bum its just so wonderful. i just kept on looking at her bum the whole walk. when we arrived at her house she told me to wait in the living room. she made her way upstairs and so i took off my shirt. when she came downstairs she was going to hand me the shirt but then i grabbed her by both side of her waist and held them very tightly. I looked right into her eyes and i was starting to spread a smirk across my face because she was trying to get out of my grip and she failed at it too. i  started to kiss her neck gently and leaving little wet spots. when i was done kissing her neck i blew on the wet spots. As she was whimpering from the chills i bit her neck and i caused her to scream out a little. she then tried to push me off of her but that was no use, i was to strong for her. While i  biting into her neck i grabbed her phone from her back pocket and started to type.After i was done typing i put her phone back and pulled away. I grabs the shirt from her hand and just slip it on  while handing her the one i wore before. before leaving i said "See you later Mia. And  i will come by tomorrow to pick up my shirt." i walked out the door and leaving her with my mark on her neck.Then i text her saying "Hey Mia can't wait to see you tomorrow." i gave myself a little smirk and walked back home knowing that i had left my mark on a girl who i will see again maybe a little more then today.

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