Mia was just a normal girl who wasn't really looking for love. Joel was a guy who had a dark past and was trying to cover it up within him. when the two come together as one they make something bigger then anything else in the world. but then a dark part of Joel's life came back to haunt him and when he came face to face with it, it ended something that would have lasted forever. will Joel fight or will he back down and lose everything.


1. meeting joel

 Mia's pov-

   I was just standing there minding my own business when i felt someone bump into me. i turned to see who it was and when i did i saw a tall male figure. He looked liked someone who everyone was afraid of.But he looked like an angel with his dark brown hair and dark skin. When he looked up to see me, his brown eyes locked with mine and just stayed that way and it felt like it was hours before we lost eye contact.

 "sorry I wasn't paying attention to where i was going." he said as he walked away and got lost into the crowd. 

 He was very mysterious and i could tell that he was trying to get away from something , but i didn't know what though. Then i felt my right arm being grabbed and turning me. At first i was scared to see who it was because i didn't really know anyone here except for my friends. Then i saw the person who was holding my arm, it was Emily, she had wide eyes and they were filled with 'did you see who that guy was?'. 

 "Mia did you see who bumped into you?"

 "No not really, why?"

 "Because that was Joel. You know that guy who gets into fights all the time at bars. And the guy that everyone is afraid of."

 "Really everyone is scared of him, why?"

"because he almost killed someone, he has fights all the time ,and he hangs with really dangerous people." 

 " Wow, so that's why everyone is scarred of him?"

"Yeah he almost got into it with a guy over their. he really got into his and just walked away. I mean who does that? Just walks away from a fight."

"You may never know. He might want to change."

 The information that Emily gave me about Joel ran through my head for the rest of the night and when i got home he was the only thing that i was thinking about that whole entire night. He seemed like he just wanted to be left alone and people were making him angry so he almost got into it with a guy, but then he just walked away. From what Emily told me he seemed like he would never back down from a fight,ever. I wonder what had stopped him? I fell asleep that night and when I woke up the next day i had a feeling that something was going to happen today.

 I was walking the streets of LA and i was just trying to clear my head from what had happened last night with that Joel guy. It was starting to get a little chilling so i walked into a coffee shop and ordered a hot coco. I payed the cashier and walked out the shop with my hot coco in hand. I resumed to my walking and I guess i was so deep in thought that i ran into someone and spilling my hot coco on them. I could them slightly curse under their breath and so i looked up to see who i bumped into. It was Joel.

 "I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention." i spoke looking into his eyes and picking up the cup.

 "Clearly and are you alright?" 

 "Yea, but i should asking you that."

 "Don't worry i'm fine and i needed to change my shirt anyways."

 "Oh okay, i have a shirt at my house if you want to use it and i could wash this one for you."

 "Oh okay thanks."

 "No problem. come one my house is this way. Oh and by the way my name is Mia."


Me and Joel had walked to house that was 8 blocks away and on the way over there i could feel someone starring at me from behind and the only person behind me was Joel. I just rolled my eyes at the thought that he was already looking at my bum. When i bumped into him he seemed a little angry till he saw who i was. We didn't really talk much on the way to my house and when i felt him looking at my bum that really got me to start thinking that he was a little bit of a player and a jerk.

 When we entered my house i told him to wait and let me get him a shirt from my mom's room who still had a couple of my dad's shirts. When i got back down, he already took off his shirt and wasn't really ashamed about it. So i walked up to him and handled the shirt to him, and just when i was about to walk away, he grabbed me by both side of my waist and held them very tightly. he looked me right into my eyes and he was starting to spread a smirk across his face because i was trying to get out of his grip and i failed at it too. He then started to kiss my neck gently and leaving little wet spots. when he was done kissing my neck he blew on the wet spots and sending chills down my spine. As i was whimpering from the chills he bit my neck and causing me to scream out a little because of the pain and pleasure he was causing on my neck. Wait no he can't cause pleasure to me this is pain and why am i just letting him do this to me. i then tried to push him off of me but that was no use, he was to strong for me. While he was still biting into my neck he grabbed my phone from my back pocket and started to type.After he was done typing he put my phone back and pulled away. He grabs the shirt from my hand and just slips it on handing me the one he wore before. before leaving he said "See you later Mia. And  i will come by tomorrow to pick up my shirt." He walked out the door and leaving me with his mark on my neck, which was really staring to hurt. Then my phone goes off and see  that I already got a text from him saying, "Hey Mia can't wait to see you tomorrow." I rolled my eyes at the text and just washed his shirt before heading to my room and texting Emily what just had happened.

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