Cousins and Love

Jenna is a normal 19 year old, besides the fact that Louis Tomlinson is her cousin. When Jennas parents die and she has no where to go she has to live with Louis and the boys for a couple months. What happens when all the boys have crushes on her? Drama, love and secrets will come out. No one is safe.


11. We love you

It's been months and the doctors have been thinking of cutting her life line off. All the boys have been crying everyday. Even though they've only known her for about a day and a half. Even Justin cry's. He must really like her.......ewwwwwwwww
We were sitting in the waiting room all kind of thinking to ourselves. When Niall got up.
"Guys can I go to Jenna's room alone please?" He said while fiddling with his fingers nervously. We all nodded.

I really needed some time with Jenna. Maybe if I talk to her some more she could wake up, or maybe she could at least die knowing we all love her. As I made my way to her room I took out a little heart shaped promise ring I got for Jenna. I was hoping to give it to her when she woke up so she could promise me she would never leave us.
When I got to Jenna's room I first stood in the doorway staring at her still body. Her brown locks were resting on her shoulders. Her arms were laying on her sides on the white blanket. Her eyes were closed shut so nobody could see those beautiful blue eyes of hers. I missed her smile. Her eyes. Her voice. I felt hot tears stain my face as I thought about how much I missed her.
I made my way out of the doorway and into the chair on the right side of her bed. I reached out for her hand and slipped the ring onto her tiny cold finger.
"Jenna if you can hear me, I want you to know we all love you." I started. "We've been waiting for months for you to wake up." The tears started flowing from my eyes like tsunami tides (Ed Sheeran song reference!!) I left go of her hand and just started crying. She looked so peaceful until her eyes shot open.

Heyyyy guys!!
IK I said I wouldn't leave a cliff hanger so IM SO VERY MUCH SORRY!!!! But anyways, I just wanted to say, you can't be on team Louis since he's Jenna's cousin.....cuz that would be yeah don't say your on team Louis. But anyways as always, THANK YOU FOR THE LIKES, FAVORITES, AND COMMENTS, AND VIEWS!!!! So yeah tell me what team your on!!!!
Love ya guys!!!!
-Bridget <3
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