Cousins and Love

Jenna is a normal 19 year old, besides the fact that Louis Tomlinson is her cousin. When Jennas parents die and she has no where to go she has to live with Louis and the boys for a couple months. What happens when all the boys have crushes on her? Drama, love and secrets will come out. No one is safe.


17. Those beautiful blue eyes (last chapter)

"It all started when I first came to your house" I started saying as I stared at the floor. I was scared. Actually, more like horrified. I knew that I couldn't tell anybody, but they were coming soon so it didn't matter.  
"I got this text.." I paused and took a deep breath to stop myself from crying. I hated goodbyes. "It was from the people who killed my parents. They wouldn't tell me their names but they said that if I didn't come with them, they would kill you guys....and I can't let that happen" by the time I finished, tears were streaming down my face. The boys all stood up and hugged me. They backed away and looked at me in pity. 
"We're not going to let them take you know that right?" Louis said as he looked me straight in the eye. I knew he meant it but it was to late now.
"Yeah and besides.." Zayn started saying as he glanced at all the boys. "I bet we could take 'em" I giggled as all the boys started nodding and showing off their muscles. They brought me into a better mood until the door shot open reveling a person in a black mask. The person pointed their gun at the boys. 
"Back away from the girl" The person said as she got closer to me. I could tell it was a girl from the voice. 
The boys did as they were told. The girl took my arms as she picked me up and dragged me out of the room. I was still feeling week but they forced me to walk fast. Nobody tried to stop them as they dragged me out of the hospital. I was crying harder now knowing that I wouldn't see the boys again. 
"We will find you Jenna!" I heard Niall yell as he stood in the doorway of the hospital. The girl turned around and shot Niall then kept on walking. He fell to the ground as all the other people in the hospital gathered around him. 
I started bawling my eyes out and screaming "No!" As she dragged me into the black van. Nobody would ever see those beautiful blue eyes again. 



Heyy guys!! Sorry for the sad ending :( I'm gonna write a sequel though so don't worry!!! I might add little authors notes here and there but besides that I WILL be writing a sequel. Thank you soooooooo much for the likes/favorites/comments!!!!!! I hope you liked the book and feel free to leave me your opinions of the book and what I should do next! Oh and leave me a suggestion for the title of the next book?! (You could win a shout out) 

thank you so much guys! I really mean it <3

- Bridget :)





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