Cousins and Love

Jenna is a normal 19 year old, besides the fact that Louis Tomlinson is her cousin. When Jennas parents die and she has no where to go she has to live with Louis and the boys for a couple months. What happens when all the boys have crushes on her? Drama, love and secrets will come out. No one is safe.


2. Secrets come out when you play truth or dare.......


Me and the boys made are way to the living room then sat down in a circle. Harry and Zayn sat next to me, and next to Zayn was Naill, Liam next to Niall then Louis inbetween Liam and Harry. I noticed Louis giving Harry and Zayn warning glances making sure they dont try anything on me but honestly I could care less. I placed a bottle in the middle then Louis spun first. It landed on Harry.

"Harry-poo! Truth or dare?" Louis asked giving Harry an evil laugh and a creepy grin.



When Louis asked me truth or dare I decided to show off infront of Jenna so obviously I picked dare.

"Umm........I pick dare!" I said as I glanced  at Jenna and gave her a grin.

"Alright Harold..... I dare you to switch clothes with Jenna!" Louis yelled as he gave Jenna a smile while she just glared at him. I stood up then held out my hand for Jenna. She took my hand as I lead her upstairs into my bedroom. I took off my shirt then held it out for Jenna.


I can't believe Louis made me switch clothes with Harry! I will totally get him back later......he better watch out....

when we were in Harry's room the first thing he did was take his shirt off....I could feel my cheeks burn up as I stared as his abbs....No Jenna STOP! stop starring!! I kept telling myself but he was CUTE! oh god... JENNA STOP!

"Jenna? HELOOOOOO?" Harry said as he waved his hand infront of my face and heldd out his shirt to me again.

"Oh yeah...umm sorry..." I said as I took the shirt from him. He chuckled then took off his pants leaving him only in his boxers. He handed me his pants and I could feel myself blushing even more than before. I quickly turned around.

"Haryy! What the heck?! If your gonna change then do it not so...I don't know... IN FRONT OF MY FACE?!" I said as I made my way to the bathroom to take my clothes off. Harry just laughed.

"When your done i'll be in here waiting for your clothes!" Harry said as he gave me a cheeky grin. I ignored him then opened the door to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I quickly took off my cute little floral sundress then slipped on Harry's jeans and white t-shirt. Before I put on Harry's beanie I took out my ponytail then let my ddark brown natural waves drop to my shoulders. I then quickly checked my black eyeliner around my blue eyes before I finally put on the beanie. I unlocked the door then quietly tip toed to Harry's bedroom. When I opened the door he spun around and stared at me in his clothes.

"You look cute in my clothes!" he exclaimed as he gave me another cheeky grin.

"Shut up" I said as I stared at the floor and pouted. Harry chuckled then took my dress from my hands.

"Well..turn around im gonna change!" Harry said as he took my shoulders and turned me around. I stared at the door while Harry changed.

"Alright love i'm done" he said as he took my hand and lead me downstairs.

"Ta-Da!" I yelled as we walked into the living room. All the boys laughed until they all noticed Harry and I were holding hands. All the boys faces turned cold as they glared at Harry. Louis espesially.

"20 minutes with her alone and you already tried something on her?!" yelled Louis as all the boys continued glaring at Harry.

"Dont worry Louis! I'm still single and READY TO MINGLE!" I yelled the last part as I winked at the boys. Their faces softened. Why did Liam, Niall, and Zayn's faces seem mad? Did they like me? No thats impossible..they could have any girl they wanted....they wouldnt like me right? They are just being over protective.....Right? hmmmm.........



Heyy guys!!

sorry if its bad its my first movella so im still learning! lol hope you like it so far!!

Feel free to give me your input! I love feedback!

thanks guys!

-Bridget <3


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