Cousins and Love

Jenna is a normal 19 year old, besides the fact that Louis Tomlinson is her cousin. When Jennas parents die and she has no where to go she has to live with Louis and the boys for a couple months. What happens when all the boys have crushes on her? Drama, love and secrets will come out. No one is safe.


13. It's time to tell her.......

We were all sitting in the waiting room, which seemed like hours. When we heard the door crack open, we all turned our heads to see a pale Jenna. She stood in the door awkwardly as we took in her appearance. We missed her so much.
"Hi" she said as she flashed a small smile. She was standing on her tippy toes and was wearing a white hospital gown that now covered her butt. We all smiled at her realizing that she was really awake. We all looked at each other before me and the boys tackled her in a hug.
After our little love fest, the boys asked to talk to Jenna alone.....without me.... They said it was something about my birthday but I could tell they were lying.

Me and the boys have been secretly talking about this for a long time. It was time Jenna knew how we felt about her.
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