This is a story of a never-ending place. A girl has been the same age for years until finally, it happens. A boy walks into the picture. But he comes with a couple surprises.


1. Change


I look at the streets that stand in front of my house, the cars that pass me by. They are always the same. Nothing changes. Same cars, same people, never ending. That is Steve, he has a red convertible. That is Ashley, she has a red bug. Yeah, never changing. I need something different, something to change, to be unexpected. I can't take it anymore. 

I sit the day away looking for that one difference... nothing. Not even a minor difference. That bluejay never chirps and is still the same age as it was ten years ago. Tomorrow, hopefully it would be different, I can't but think that everything is wrong. I wish to have a change that would create something new. My wish was granted.



I went to school not knowing of what was to come. Time had stopped ten years ago, nothing changes, everyone does the same thing everyday. I am the only one who notices. I got into my seat and waited for the teacher to say,"Welcome, class. Please take your seats". She comes in and says it. When everyone sits down, Amber will have a coughing fit. She does. Next, the principal will walk in the classroom and just stand there, staring at the teacher like a hawk. He comes and does just that. But, what comes next is unpredictable. Some guy walks in, he has a wierded out look on his face. He gives the teacher the pass and takes a seat next to me. "You look a little creeped out," I say interested in this change.

"Yeah, umm, I have been here for three days and nothing changes. Is that normal?" He does notice. He is my ticket out. 

"Nope", the new guy just stares at me, but the lesson has started. The entire lecture is the same, nothing different. We are learning about parabolas and, of course, I have done all this for ten years. After class I gather my stuff and head out the door. Thinking about how this was happening, how some person could just end up here. Something is now seriously wrong. I started to go home when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jolt and turn to see the new guy.

"Jeez, how about not being a creep next time? Gosh, just yell after me, that way I wont die of a heart-attack," I yell at him, but he only looks serious.

"What the heck is going on here? Everyone keeps talking to me as if I have always been here. I just came here," he says looking slightly pale.

"Well at least you notice. No one else here does. This is a place where time never starts nor begins. There are no clocks, but yet you always know the time. You never age a day, not at all. Everything happens the same way as it always has. Everyday the same. You and me, are the only ones who don't the perfectness in it all," I say just going on and on, having the conversion I have been wanting for years.

"How long? How long has this whole thing been going on?" He is seriously starting to look sick.

"Don't ask what you can't handle. You are starting to look really sick," I state looking forward and only forward.

"I can handle it! Just tell me! Because according to you my mom will yell at me for not doing the dishes when I get home, my brother will scream in my room for hours," he said starting to look scarred. Well, this is the change I wanted, so why not make it that way.

"Okay, I have been here ten years, not aging a day. By the way no one here is related. You probably don't even have a brother. Your mother is not yours. Next thing, your memory of before here is gone, right? Yeah, this place does that. You can't commit suicide, right as you loose consciousness you wake up to the next day. Last thing, there is no escape, you just live here, living the same day as before. I will go home and have spaghetti with my mom, who won't tell that she has a drug addiction. She tries, but is scarred. You okay with that explanation," I say waiting for an answer, but now he looks green. He runs over to the nearest trash can and throws up. He slowly walks over. He looks at me and looks at me sadly. I start walking, he follows. 

I reach my door and open it for him to come in, he looks at me for permission, I nod. He walks and my "mom" comes and introduces herself, like she does it all the time. We walk upstairs and he takes a spot on my bed. He looks at me and cries.

"I am sorry, it is hard to handle, I know it is. But, until something happens, nothing will change. And, hey, you are the first change in ten years, you may be that something," I say. Wow, I suck at comforting. 

"What happens in the morning? What will happen," he asks, he finally stopped crying.

"Well, if I am right, you and I will start the day knowing and the rest of them wont know. But, truthfully, that is an idea. I may not remember anything and you will continue knowing. Who knows," I say being absolutely true. I couldn't tell a lie, especially now. He nods and gets up saying he needs to get home. I show him to the door and lock myself in my room. What will happen now? Is this the change I was looking for, or is this also a constant. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow will be different. Change doesn't come often, but when it does, I am ready to take advantage of it.


The Next Day

I did my morning routine, changing one small thing and seeing is anything happens. I grab my bag and head to school. Normal routine, that was until the boy came through the door. He takes his seat next to me and he looks a little like yesterday. I suddenly start to worry. What the heck? This can't be happening. I look over and ask,"You look a little creeped out." I wait for his answer for two seconds.

"Yeah, umm, I have been here for three days and nothing changes. Is that normal?"

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