it will get better

violet is an regular every day girl or so you think but she and her mother live in their car violet doesn't tell anyone not even one of her best friends like niall as you read this story you will see something even worse happen in violets life but with the help of niall it gets better.


2. whats wrong

(violets pov )

I walked into my first class and sat down beside niall girls all around me were giving me dirty looks . "pssst pssst letty " what niall I shouted " looky " he pointed to his paper in witch he had a drawing on it oh my gosh what is that niall "well ...." the teacher walks in and glares down at the paper " what on earth " he said under his breath as me and niall look at each other and giggle .

(nialls pov)

after school violet was acting weird so I tried to find out what was going on letty beep beep here comes niall  she laughed as I made a fool out of my self . but it was worth it to see her smile , I always love her big bright smile it made my day.  letty whats wrong  I looked at her as she put her head down then I saw tears  don't cry you'll make me cry I put my arms around her and made her sit on the bench .man I hated it when she cried her face got red and she didn't act like herself  . " niall " yeah I said "am I a ... a .. " she cried more what are you what " am I a waste and a loser and do I even deserve to be your friend " violet I shouted I rarely ever called her violet so she knew I was being serious. violet your amazing don't let anyone ever tell your not you make me laugh and smile when I am down and your really fun to be around . I begin to cry she looks into my eyes " niall thank you so much I will just start to ignore people " I am glad to hear I wisperd into her ear as I wipe my tears. lets go back to my place.

(violets pov )

me and niall walked into his house and sat on the couch he flicked on the tv  we watched for a long while " hey letty wanna play would you rather" ok I said you first" would you rather run a marathon at 3am or lick a old mans foot" I thought for a while and then I replied lick a old mans foot " really wow why" you know I need my sleep " haha yeah but you would rather lick a old mans foot '" he joked so would you rather fall into a pit full of tigers or would you dress like a women and go to the police and ask for a watch . " wow um dress like a lady " why " because it sounds interesting haha " well I got to get home " all right bye but wait ... um good night hug "  all right I hugged him and left when I returned to the car my mom was sleeping so I tip toed into the back seat and took out my notebook I was not sure about what to write about so I sat there and thought about the past year me and niall were really close and he is just so nice to me but so were the rest of the boys but i can tell niall every thing except two things i then droped my note book and began to lie down .

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