it will get better

violet is an regular every day girl or so you think but she and her mother live in their car violet doesn't tell anyone not even one of her best friends like niall as you read this story you will see something even worse happen in violets life but with the help of niall it gets better.


4. what has happened to my world

vilots pov

the bright sunlight filled my eyes as I woke up " what s this " I shouted to my self looking at the brightly colored slip of paper lying on the wind shield I stepped out of the car and looked at the slip of paper.

dear the owner of this car,

              I stopped over yesterday and spotted this car the young girl inside said she was leaving that evening but it is still here you will be fined of 200 dallars plus if I see this young girl sleeping in this car one more not only will you be fined more but the girl will be taken away to a better family that can take care of her.

                                                              sincerely ,

                                                                                       officer plop

I cant believe this I don't want to be taken away plus I have no idea how we are going to pay the fine my mom is going to be upset speaking of my mom I had no idea were she was she never worked in the mourning always later mabe I will go check out whats going on plus I can tell her about the note.

I walked around the corner hearing loud beeps and seeing flashing light in front of the gas station police cars were scattered about I was getting nevous suddley to police officers grabed my arms and pulled me away from the door

"whats going on " I shouted

"I man came and robbed the gas station and he sot a couple people too" one of the officers said

" he shot people who what people" I screamed into his left ear

" two shoppers and one worker "

" what worker ' I said nervously shaking

" um hang on a moment " he walked over to another officer they were whispering words but I didt know what they were saying

" the victoms are leena loosty , conner soper , and sally bruce "

my stomach dropped I thought I was about to throw up but lucky for me I didt eat enough to throw any thing up then I took a deep breath and said

" um my name is violet bruce s-sally is m-my mom " I said trying to hold back my tears

then I shouted " is she ok "

he looked at the sheet and back to me " I am afaid she passed away when the man shot her "

tears flowed onto my cheek and my face got real red " no no no this cant be happening you don't understand shes all I have "

then as the tears ran onto my chest my eyes began to blur and suddently all I saw was darkness


nialls pov

I answered the phone It was deep males voices  he told me what had happened to violets mother and how he found this phone in violets back pocket and he said that violet passed out and for me to come and get her so I did


violets pov

 when I woke up I saw niall staring down niall whats going on " I came and got you after you passed and and brought you to my place  " oh thanks nialler " the officer told me everything why didt you tell me ? i looked into his deep blue eyes " i was afraid but niall i am more afraid now i have no one niall no one " he looked at me and held me close to him putting his hand on my neck " don't be afraid you have me "

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