it will get better

violet is an regular every day girl or so you think but she and her mother live in their car violet doesn't tell anyone not even one of her best friends like niall as you read this story you will see something even worse happen in violets life but with the help of niall it gets better.


3. closer than u think


tap tap I herd on the windows as I turned my head I saw a man  standing outside of the car he looked at least in his sixtys or older  he was wearing a bright yellow badge and he was flipping through some papers on his clip board . he walked up to the the window and  began to move his mouth but  I couldt hear a word he was saying so I began to wined down the window his voice is rough and he said " young lady you know you cant park your car here right" I looked at him in complete shock " a yes sir I know but '' the words were spinning in my head what to say I was shouting inside my mind I sat there staring I had know idea what to say so I blurted out" sir don't worry me and my mom will move it tomorrow " ok I will be here" what he is going to come back great just great what did I get my self into this time.

( nail's pov )

i wonder what violet doing maybe i will call her the phone began to ring and ring and ring violet answer finally i heard a voice "hello" violet is that you " yeah niall its me whats up " well you know i cant live with out you haha yeah as if ' hey watch it boy " wow i am so scaired of a girl named after a color ' niall your such a jerk'" me a jerk how could you haha well how about you and i go to the park " oh ok i guess haha i will meet you there bye '" bye

(violet's pov)

i brushed my hair and tossed some clothes on and here i go i love hanging out with niall he always made me smile as i walk through the gate of the park their on bench was niall he was holding a large basket " violet' niall screams yes niall i have finally came " well sit down and join me for a picnic" oh if you insist i joked i sat down beside niall on the blanket he handed me the basket their was three sandwitches, noodles and chocolate cake we ate the sandwitches we both had one but then out of no were we both look at the last sandwitch and zoom niall took the sandwitch and dashed i finally cought up to him and pushed him to the ground we both pulled at the sandwitch and wack it split in half well looks like we have to share he looked at me and took my half of the sandwitch and gobbled it up "cake time " niall sreamed to the whole park he handed me a slice of cake and after i ate it niall looke  at me for a long time just looking at me sunndenty he said you are .... he threw cake on all over me right before he could even finish his sentence i giggled so hard before i left niall gave me a big hug i have hugged niall i million times but this time i got a fuzzy feeling in my stomache

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