its how i feel.


3. Day 3

I have a secret, can you keep one? its from the past so i wont tell you last.

Its sad just to warn you, you need no permit

it starts off when i was a little girl. my mom took me to a party and jumped on a man and kissed him all over i started to Wale. i ran to the car to stay hidden a far. my mom told me who the man was i didn't care i didn't like him at all.

a year after that they got married. sadly. then one night i was sleeping. he came in and told me " don't tell." he touched oh yes sadly to me. i whimpered i screeched to have him leave me be. but no he wouldn't in a matter of fact he did it again until one day.

After school i told my mom. she called the cope. a while after that my mom took me to a place. it had blankets and candy. she said tell this lady everything it will be alright.then she kissed me and walked to a room.

a lady took my hand and took me to a room with a camera and speaker. i told her she listened i started to cry in fright he might come and hurt me even more.

years after that i went to court and told a man with others to what a mess i was into. i ahhhh'd and ooooh'd and cried. the udge said : no more :

the man who did that to me is now in sister doesn't know her real father, witch is the man.i will always have the night mares.

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