its how i feel.


1. day 1

                                  i look up, i look down, i look, side to side, seeing my life fly by.

when my mind goes into focus i am back to life, wishing it was like a lullaby.

i want to be happy no doubt in mind. so i can stop worrying, because i might cry.

i think about how my life can be happy, peaceful. silently nice. But i guess its just me cause that never happens to a girl like me.i try my hardest in every thing, but it never turns out right.theses nightmares i have had they are as frighting as lighting in a stormy night. sometimes i cry but i stand up tall, look out the window to see that all, is all.why is it me to be not so free, but to be here by myself tonight. i want out side more than a flee to be away from sadness and just do be happy. but it doesn't  happen no indeed i cant picture that to be me. i feel like a maid  or an emotional wreck. then i close my eyes and open them to see i am free but not happy to be me. i cry at night to see my dreams as happy as light in the morning breeze. i miss it so much to be there out there to just me me.

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