the reaping

how another girl (salem) viewed the reaping for the hunger games the year primrose; a distant friend of hers, was picked.


2. who is getting called?

i was taken out of my trancer as the lady told me to move on. i waked and followed a group of more scared girls, they were from my cklass, to a red roped, boxed in area. it was meant for girls in my age range. i walked in scared and crying. i turned only to be smoshed back to face the other  way. i listened for something someone to give me comfrot. trhen i heard a microphone being tapped to make sure it was on. "Hello evryone," i knew that vouice , she was always on programs from the capitol. it was effie trinket. and she waws speaking. "Welcome to hte annual Hunger Games! For those who dont know, this is wehn one brave young man and woman are chosen to go fight to the death wtih 24 others from the other districts!" she sounded so happy it was distgusting."In this bowl to my right is ladies and to the left is gentlemen. Well lets go with ladies forst!" my heart was pounding out of my chest. i was praying with all i had to make it not me or Carmen. i heard the paper with the name being opened. "Primrose Everdeen!" i stopped , it seemed like everything did. she didnt judt call prims name. i thought. but she did." Come on up dear , dont be shy." i heard the  pattering of her shoes against the ground then i heard screaming. " NO! Prim1 no!" i turned and ran to the edge of the rope to see what was happening. it was Katniss, of course, she was trying to stop her baby sister from her inevitable fate. guards were hold ing her back ad everyone was staring, she didnt care. effie was just standing therre like and idiot. Then she said the words no one was expecting to hear.

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