the reaping

how another girl (salem) viewed the reaping for the hunger games the year primrose; a distant friend of hers, was picked.


1. the bowl

i looked around i was terrified, so was every one else in my age range. i was 12 years ild the starting age for being picked for the hunger games, it was a fight to the death in an arena, that was alll i knew my older sister Carmen understood better, but, didnt want to scare me so, never explained. i wass alone me and Carmen had been spilt up to get our fingers pricked with a needle or something. i wasnt used to it, and to make it worse, i hated shots. i walked up i was next, i told the lady my name in a shaky, unstable voice. "Salem Creed..." i told her. she nodded her head and  pricked my index finger. tears ran down my cheeks , i wasnt ready. this morning it all seemed so happy...


i woke up smiling, unaware of the dreadful events to come. i ran in to my sisters room." Wake up double-C!!!!!" i screamed in her ear. it was a nickname i had given her because of her initials (Carmen Creed) she complained and i ran out.she always said i was probably the happiest child in district twelve. it was probably true. although our district was the poorest, there was no used to sit around and mope about it, thats hwo i saw it. i ran into the kitchen following the delicious smell of bread , tha was surely stale, and rabbit. Katniss had traded someting for the rabbit with my mom im sure. my mom also probably traded the bakery for some bread. Katniss was the districts hunter , she always snuck under gates and went hunting in the forrest next door. i was fond of her little sister primrose, or as everyone called her prim, but, she was quite odd. she took in a sick goat! what a thing to do! i gave my mother a huig. i pulled away and looked up art her face. she was sasd. "Mom whats wrong? you look like youre about to burst in to tears." seh did once Carmen came downstairs. Carmen was very fond of Katniss and her friend,Gale. but she hated hinting. she was more of a bargaining type ,so , she bargained off lots of the game they caught together. Carmen walked up to me, she told me to come witrh her in the living room."Why is mom so sad?" i asked. Carmen was hesitant." Salem, theres something ive got to tell you about today..." "WHAT IS IT?" I SCREAMED. "today is the rea[ing for the annual hunger games, where people from age twelve to eighteen get their names put in a bowl and, whoever is picked has to go with 24 other people from the other 11 districts to go fight to the death. tha is why mom is sad, we have been able to dodge me being picked but, this year its a bigger chance since there is now two of us." i froze in my place. how could i not know until now about this? i ate in silence. my mom told me to wash up as best i could, adn she willl have clothes in my  room for me to put on and that she will do my hair nice and pretty. i went in my room, ther was my beatiful baby blue dress. i slipped it on and hoped it looked pretty. i walked downstairs , my mother was wiating she put my hair up in a nice ponytial with a bow arund it and, we waked to the town center, where teh reaping , as they called it, to take place

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