the reaping

how another girl (salem) viewed the reaping for the hunger games the year primrose; a distant friend of hers, was picked.


3. Saving a life

"I volunteer!" those words tha came out of Katniss's mouth made everyones jaw drop. i put the pieces together. Katniss was going to go in to the hunger games instead of prim. " I vlounteer as tribute. "she said calmer this time. i nshed a tear. "Well isnt this a rare incident! We have our fisrt voulunteer in the past century!" said effie. Katinss waked on to the stage" and im guessing youre her sister? " all Katniss could do is nod. then the words of Katniss sank in " Katniss NO!!" screamed Prim. everyones eyes looked fromt he stage to the small girl who was getting carrriede away by gale. Prim, she didnt want her sister to go in there. i wouldnt want mine going in to and arena to fight to the death, over me! i was sobbing and sat tehr as Gale carried Prim over his shoulder and sadly walked away." now for hte gentlemen!" Effie said calmly. "Peeta Mellark." he was the bakery boy. he walked up on to the stage , obviously spooked, she asked him questions that he gave answers to. and just like that it was done i heard sighs of relief and dread and grief come out of peoples mouths. i looked one last time at the stage with the tributes , Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. i felt bad for them but, there waws nothing i could do but cross my fingers for at least one of them to come home...



hi guys!, im new to movella but, love top read and write! Hunger Games is one of my favorite book series , roght next to twilight . so i hope you enjoyed this small fan fic!

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