I'm Yours - Harry Styles Fanfic

17 year old Hannah is shy and quiet, very unlike her best friend Tali who is confident and outgoing. Naturally, Hannah sits back and lets the world go by, but not without her own problems. Hannah's dad is off the rails. Drunk, Violent, Dangerous.
After trying to escape her problems Hannah meets someone unexpected, but Hannah soon discovers a different side to him that very few people see, a part corrupted by the past, the reason known only to a select few...
(sorry description is bad but the story should be better!)


7. Proximity

I heard Harry chuckle slightly under his breath just as the lock clicked and the door began to swing open, revealing a worried looking Tali.
"I was beginning to get worried! Wha-..." Tali froze mid-sentence, her eyes landing for the first time on the figure that stood just behind me. "Erm, Hannah. What's going on? Why is H-Harry Styles with you?"
"Long-ish story." Harry answered for me, "Do you have a first aid kit or something we could use?"
No response came from Tali who stood in front of us, rigid from shock at the sight who was standing before her. 
"Tali?" I waved my hand in front of her face, successfully snapping her out of her daze and back to reality.
"Erm yeah I think so somewhere." Tali finally replied as she stepped back into the house and led us all to the kitchen before making her way upstairs to find the first aid kit. 
    I took a seat at one of the bar stools surrounding the marble island in the centre of the room as Harry placed the carrier bags down on the cold surface, pulling out a banana and proceeding to peel the skin before biting the end off. After setting my phone down in front of me, I could feel his eyes studying my face as I pulled a sheet of kitchen towel off the roll and gently pressed it to the back of my head, wincing slightly in the process.
    The lingering silence that filled the air around us was broken as Tali re-entered the room carrying a large plastic box filled to its brim in both arms.
"I didn't know what you wanted so I just brought the whole thing down." She said as she set the box down on the worksurface next to me, "Anything else you need?"
"Erm...could you get a bowl of warm, salty water?" Harry replied as he set the half eaten banana down, removed his jacket and began rummaging through the medical box.
     As Harry proceeded to pull out the bag of cotton balls, and a can of 'liquid bandage', Tali filled a bowl with the salty water and set it down at the island.
"Do you still want to watch a film?" Tali asked me, although watching Harry intently as he made his way over to the sink and washed his hands.
"Yeah I suppose. You can choose though, I don't mind."
"Okay put it this way, is there anything that you don't want to watch?"
I paused and thought for a moment, running through all the familiar movies in my head and debating which ones were bearable and which ones were just painful to watch.
"I'll honestly don't mind. Whatever you want."
"You can't win with you." She laughed, shaking her head and smiling as she made her way into the living room.
    "This might sting a little." Harry warned as he dipped a cotton ball into the water, gently pressing it to the back of my head. I flinched slightly as the salty water dripped into the shallow cut, dampening the area around the small wound.
"Sorry. It will go in a minute."
"It's fine." 
I hesitated before asking the question that had crossed my mind since we stepped through the door. "Why did you come back? Why did you help me?"
I felt Harry's hands falter against the back of my head, but no reply came from his lips. I turned in my seat to face him, his movements tense as I searched for answers. 
"I- I just, did." He eventually replied, his eyes turning cold and dark momentarily as he gripped the cotton ball slightly harder than before, a droplet of water hitting the wood floor. His movements relaxed as he turned me carefully back round, returning his attention back to my head.
    As Harry finished cleaning the wound, he lifted the can of liquid bandage and sprayed a small amount lightly against my head, aiding the healing process.
"All done." Harry announced, placing the can back down on the worksurface.
"Thanks." I replied as I stood up, returning the bag of cotton balls and the spray back to the box. I didn't realise how closely Harry stood behind me until I turned, only to find I was stood face to face with him, just inches separating the two of us. My heart beat increased slightly at the sudden proximity between us and I could feel his hot breath flowing gently over my face as he reached his arm out to the worksurface, leaning over me slightly but keeping his eyes locked on mine. As he pulled his hand back, the space between us was illuminated, immediately averting my attention away from Harry to find he had picked up my phone.
"What a-?" I began to ask as he unlocked it simply by swiping his thumb across the screen, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "I'll find out later." I sighed.
"You should put a password on this." He stated.
I watched him intently as he quickly typed a short message and sent it before locking the phone and returning it to the table.
"I think I should probably be going." Harry declared as he shoved the remainders of the half eaten banana back into the carrier bag and picked his jacket up, slinging it over his arm. "See you later. Be careful" He smiled gently.
"Bye Harry." I whispered, not quite realising the words had slipped out of my mouth as he left quietly through the front door. I stood in silence for a moment, thinking about what just happened before I was interrupted by Tali.
"TEGAN?! Are you finished yet?!" Tali called from the living room. 
"Yeah, I'm coming." I replied as I tidied away all the mess cluttering the space on the table, eventually joining Tali in the living room.

"Has Harry gone?" 
"Yeah, his friend was waiting for him."
"Oh, okay." She sounded slightly disheartened, before her voice rapidly picked up its usual perky tone. "I picked Dirty Dancing. Is that okay?" She smiled, holding up the plastic case. 
"Its fine." I reassured her as I wrapped a blanket that hung over the back of the sofa around me, trying to warm myself up.
    As the film started I didn't pay attention, my mind trying to figure Harry out. Why did he come after me? Why did his mood change so rapidly, his eyes turning cold so quickly? I repeated those questions over and over before I was eventually snapped out of my thought bubble by my phone buzzing twice in my pocket.


'Goodnight, sleep well .xx'

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