I'm Yours - Harry Styles Fanfic

17 year old Hannah is shy and quiet, very unlike her best friend Tali who is confident and outgoing. Naturally, Hannah sits back and lets the world go by, but not without her own problems. Hannah's dad is off the rails. Drunk, Violent, Dangerous.
After trying to escape her problems Hannah meets someone unexpected, but Hannah soon discovers a different side to him that very few people see, a part corrupted by the past, the reason known only to a select few...
(sorry description is bad but the story should be better!)


4. Hide

After the interview ended, Paul announced we had the rest of the day off and were free to do what we liked, within reason of course. We were eventually ushered down a series of corridors, leading through a back exit to avoid the dangerously vast number of fans, but if we had our own way, we would have taken the front entrance anyway to see the awaiting girls.
Eventually Liam and Zayn decided they were going to meet up with Dani and Perrie, whilst Niall and Louis were going to meet up with Eleanor and head to Nandos, leaving me to do whatever I felt like.

Hannah's POV:

"Can we please leave now?" I whined, growing increasily bored after waiting another half an hour after the five boys had disappeared within the building, "They're not going to leave through the front Tali. Seriously, not with this many girls outside. If they were, I think you would have seen them by now!"
Tali sighed in defeat.
"Thank you! Now can we find a H&M or Topshop or something, I need to buy a new T-shirt."
Tali frowned slightly, signalling for me to explain why we needed the sudden shopping trip, especially coming from me - not the shopping type.
"Someone walked into me and split his coffee all down my top, before I met you at Starbucks."
"Ooooh, he? Did you know him?"
"No" I responded, my voice seeming slightly pitchier than before. A little white lie never hurt anyone? "Not personally" -True.
"Oh" she replied simply, "I think I saw a Topshop around the corner? What are we waiting for!" She grinned from ear to ear and grabbed my hand, pulling me in the direction of the shop.


After paying for the white top, I walked back over to Tali who was pulling dress after dress off the rails, holding each one up against herself, admiring them in the mirror.
"You done?" She asked, hanging the dress back up.
"Yeah. What do you want to do now?" I replied, fumbling about with my bag.
"I'm starving, let's eat! You up for McDonalds?"
"Spose." I shrugged.

As we made our way down the street into McDonalds, Tali was still buzzing with excitement at the fact that she had just witnessed the five boys that 'made her life'.
"What are you going to order?" She asked as she examined the menus above the tills.
"I'm actually not that hungry, I'll have something later."
"Are you sure?"
I nodded as Tali made her way over to the 'fast lane', ordering a burger and chips. It was amazing how she could eat so much and stay so slim.
"Do you want to sit upstairs or downstairs?" I asked Tali as we waited for her food.
"Downstairs? I don't mind."
"Cheeseburger and a medium fries?" The woman behind the counter called out.

After Tali received her order, we made our way over to am empty table by the window and sat down, Tali examining the contents of the brown paper bag in front of her.
"So what are you doing later on?" She asked after finishing a mouthful of chips.
"Don't know really, probably nothing."
"Oooh!" She squealed, "Do you want to stay round mine? We can have a movie night or something!"
"I'm not sure if I can, I'll ask my dad later though."
"Oh okay." She replied, sounding slightly disheartened. As she devoured her food, I stared out of the window next to me, watching the steady flow of people down the high street. Eventually, one guy caught my eye. I could only see the back of him, but he wore a green khaki jacket over the top of a blue hoodie, the hood pulled up over his head and brown flicks of hair just about poking out; and black skinny jeans that hugged his legs closely. There was something familiar about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Tali began talking again about seeing her favourite band, but my mind was focused on the figure outside. I watched him intently as he rummaged through the market stalls set up along the street, pulling out various items before replacing them again.
Eventually, the guy lost interest in the stall and began to walk back down the high street. Just as he turned, I caught a glimpse of his face.

It was him....again. It was Harry. Jesus, that kid gets everywhere.

As I realised who it was, Harry's head turned towards the McDonalds Tali and I were sitting in. I turned back to face Tali and rested my hand against the side of my cheek, trying desperately to hide my face. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Harry getting further and further away from where we sat, continuing to walk down the high street away from us.
"Hannah? You there?" Tali waved a hand in front of my face.
"Sorry." I replied, trying to recall anything of what she had just been talking about.
"So what do you think?" She continued.
"Think of what?"
"Why do you think Harry and Louis were looking directly at you?" She asked, her face full of confusion.
"I really don't think they were looking at me, and even if they were, I have no idea why."
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