I'm Yours - Harry Styles Fanfic

17 year old Hannah is shy and quiet, very unlike her best friend Tali who is confident and outgoing. Naturally, Hannah sits back and lets the world go by, but not without her own problems. Hannah's dad is off the rails. Drunk, Violent, Dangerous.
After trying to escape her problems Hannah meets someone unexpected, but Hannah soon discovers a different side to him that very few people see, a part corrupted by the past, the reason known only to a select few...
(sorry description is bad but the story should be better!)


3. Distractions

I watched as he looked around, taking in the masses of people screaming their names. I didn't realise how intently I was watching him until his gaze met mine.
'Please don't recognise me' I thought. 
Trying to act as if I had't noticed him, I grabbed my iPod from my pocket and attempted to look as if I was searching for a specific song. Smooth Hannah, real smooth. Of course, finding things to do on an iPod to look as if you're busy is pretty limited, so eventually I just had to suck up my surroundings. After focusing intently on my music, an elbow jab from Tali soon brought my thoughts back to reality.
"Han. Han? Hannah!" 
"What!?" I yelled, partly because I was trying to communicate with her over the deafening noise, but partly at her for interrupting my thoughts as I tried to mentally escape my current location. Her expression was slightly startled at first, but soon relaxed as she returned to what she wanted to say.
"He's looking at you."
"He? What? Who?" I looked around at the crowd before realising who she meant. 
"Up there, Harry."
I followed her eyes up to the window and was met by his face staring back at me, only just being able to make out the smile playing at the corners of his mouth.
"No not me, probably someone else nearby." 
If I hadn't of looked back down at my music then, I would have seen the quick exchange between Harry and one I remembered as Louis.
"Awwh, I think Harry's blushing! Oh.My.God Hannah! Louis is looking at you too!" The rest of the fans seemed to have noticed Harry's rosy cheeks too, increasing their screams. "wait...HOLY FUDGE, and Niall! Why are they both looking at you?!"
Not wanting to look up, I shrugged, knowing she didn't mean any harm as she freaked out.
"No idea." I lied as I snuck a quick glance up at the band, watching them as they turned and headed out of sight into the building.

Harry's POV:

Walking down the corridor I took a mouthful of water from the bottle I was given at reception. Strange thing to give out, bottles of water.
"Hey Nick! You alright mate?" I exclaimed as we entered the studio.
"Yeah, I'm good. You?"
"Great!" I replied as the image of the girl I walked into replayed over and over again in my head.
"Someone's happy today!" He grinned as I shot him a playful smirk. 
"He's been like that all morning, not a clue why!" Niall announced as Nick greeted him, Louis, Liam and Zayn similarly before we all stood round the table set up with the Mic's, being talked through the set-up of the interview. 

"Now, before we start the interview, we need you to go to the window and look at the fans so we can get pictures for the website." One of managements PA's asked, all of us obliging.
   We walked over to the widow, taking in the sheer number of fans and reading the signs they put so much effort into.
"Ahah Liam! Look at that one!" I laughed, pointing to a girl with a sign that read:

'Liam spoon me!'

We erupted into fits of laughter at the number of dirty-minded fans and their banners. Once again, I ran my eyes over the crowd. Some girls stood out more than others, particularly the ones with brightly coloured hair or over-the-top signs. I continued to look over the masses of people, before one girl caught my eye. Before I could get a proper look at her, she averted her eyes down to her iPod, obviously not wanting to be seen. Wait.
Hang on,

My jaw dropped slightly and It felt as if a light bulb had exploded in my head as I put two and two together.

It was her,

The girl I had walked into,

The girl I literally couldn't get out of my head.

I didn't realise I was watching her so intently until the girl next to her, who I assumed was her friend, jabbed her in the side. That looked like it hurt, but her reaction made me chuckle. 
"What's funny Haz?" Lou asked as he followed my line of sight, surprised at my rare action, "Harry's found another one!" 
"Shut up Lou, its not like that!" I felt the heat rush to my cheeks, trying to avoid the smirk pulling at my lips.
Thankfully, only Niall overheard our conversation, but that still didn't stop him from looking at the focus of mine and Lou's attention. I watched as her friend freaked out and screamed something at her, not in an aggressive way though, and she shrugged her shoulders as a reply. 

"Boys! We're ready to start the interview if you are?" Nick called behind us. I sighed as I stole one last glance at the girl, coming to the conclusion that I needed to stop thinking about her, before turning to follow the boys back to the mic's.

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