I'm Yours - Harry Styles Fanfic

17 year old Hannah is shy and quiet, very unlike her best friend Tali who is confident and outgoing. Naturally, Hannah sits back and lets the world go by, but not without her own problems. Hannah's dad is off the rails. Drunk, Violent, Dangerous.
After trying to escape her problems Hannah meets someone unexpected, but Hannah soon discovers a different side to him that very few people see, a part corrupted by the past, the reason known only to a select few...
(sorry description is bad but the story should be better!)


9. Attitude

After I had made a slice of toast, I sat at the table with my hands grasped firmly around my tea as I began to think about going home later on. I already knew the reaction I was going to get from my father, and it wasn't looking positive. Although I was used to it by now, there was still a part of me that was terrified, scared that one day he would go too far, but too scared to tell anyone. As much as Tali wanted me to report him, I was too worried that they wouldn't believe me. Too afraid of what would happen if my father found out I had gone to the police.

It wasn't worth the risk.

    By the time Tali had finished getting ready it was 1:12, leaving just over 40 minutes until Ewan turned up for my lesson.
"What are you intending to do when Ewan gets here?" I asked Tali, knowing it was unlikely that she would get to talk to him in the short time he would be here.
"Erm....I don't know really. I'll just pretend to be leaving when he gets here or something...then I'm gonna tuuurnn maaa sexyy onn!" Tali joked pretending to pose numerous times as I rolled my eyes. "Guurl, you know its true." She continued, still messing about.

    Tali and I continued to talk, filling the time up until when Ewan was supposed to arrive, but by 2:10, there was still  no sign of him.
"Should we call him?" Tali asked as she grabbed her phone from her bag. 
I thought about it for a moment before pulling out my phone, "Maybe I should call him? It might seem a bit...weird, if you did?"
Tali understood what I meant and so proceeded to hastily put her phone away. I scrolled through the list of contacts, searching for the ones that began with 'E' and clicked on Ewans name, but before I had time to press call I was interrupted by three loud knocks sounding from the front door; no prizes for guessing who it was.
"No need to call him then." I muttered as I shoved my phone forcefully into the pocket of my Jeans. 
    Tali had already stood up from her seat and was making her way towards the door, stopping to examine herself in the wall mirror that hung in the hall. I shook my head and laughed lightly as I walked past Tali and placed my hand on the handle, swinging the door open revealing a slightly pink-faced Ewan.
"Sorry I'm late, something came up that I had to sort out." He apologized quickly.
"Do you want anyth-" I began before being cut off by Tali.
"Hi Ewan!" She called from behind me, the smile evident in her voice. 
The corner of Ewan's mouth pulled up slightly into small smile as he raised his hand to give a friendly wave, "Hello Tali, how are you?"
This time, Tali's voice was much closer behind me, signalling that she had joined me at the door.
"I'm fine thank you. And you?" 
'I'm good thanks." 
    Despite Tali's calm attitude, mentally her mind would be screaming colourful words and multiple profanities due to the reality that she was 'In the company of one of the very few attractive male species to walk the planet', as as she put it herself.
"Do you want anything to eat or drink?" I repeated, this time managing to complete my sentence.
"Its okay, I've just had a coffee." He replied, glancing down at his phone. "I think we best be going, I'm running a bit late, sorry." 
"Oh, okay then." I smiled. I checked I had everthing I needed; phone, bag and purse before saying goodbye to Tali and closing the door behind me. 
   I followed Ewan down the path towards the navy VW Golf that was parked by the kurb, returning the smile Ewan gave me as I sat in the drivers seat and began adjusting my mirrors.
"I just want you to start off by driving around the area, then I'll ask you to park, reverse, u-turn and all the rest of it, nothing you haven't done before." He reassured, knowing that when I first started learning to drive I had been terrified out of my mind every time I simply sat in the drivers seat, although now I was pretty much used to being behind the wheel, but a regular habit of reassuring me had been made by Ewan.


"After these lights, I want you to take the first right, followed by the second left and continue down that road." Ewan instructed as we drew closer to a set of red traffic lights. 
"Sure." I replied simply.
 I followed his instructions and drove down each road carefully, eventually continuing down a straight, unfamiliar street lined with old but expensive looking houses.
"Just up here on your left there will be two empty parking spaces. I want you to safely and correctly park the car in either one of the spaces." 
Just as Ewan had described, on my left was a large white, Edwardian style house with two empty parking spaces out the front.
    After successfully maneuvering into the space and putting the handbreak on, I relaxed back into the leather seat behind me.
"How did you find that?" Ewan asked, smiling.
"I think it was alright, better than last time." I laughed, due to the fact the last time I had attempted to park I had clipped off a part of the car in front's rear headlight.
"Your parking has definitely improved," Ewan praised as he opened his side door slightly and looking down before slamming the door shut again, "Although you need to try and leave a slightly bigger gap between the car and the side of the path. If its too close you will end up damaging the door when you open it."
I sighed when I heard my frequent mistake being repeated to me. 
"Its okay, don't worry about it. It will all come with practise." 
Although the focus of Ewan's verbal attention remained on me, the same couldn't be said for his eyes, which displayed a shadow of aggression, his vision focused on something just over my shoulder. 
"Is everything okay?" I asked Ewan, I too glancing over my shoulder to see two tall men standing on the pavement on the other side of the road; the one furthest away from me being hidden from view by his equally tall friend.
"What's wrong?" I continued.
"Everthing's fine." Ewan replied, maybe a little too bluntly but with a smirk playing at his lips; his eyes still remaining on the point behind me. From his expression it was obvious to see that he was lying. Normally his attention was focused solely on me throughout the lesson ensuring I learnt as much as possible, but today was different. Ewan was distracted, and his body language was uncomfortable and cocky, even rude to a point.
"Are you sure? Have I done something to offend you?"
"No, not you. I think we should leave it there on a good note, don't you? Are you alright to drive back, or do you want to swap back over?" He snapped, catching me by surprise.
"I should be fine." I replied as I pushed the key into the ignition and started the car once more. As I pulled out of the parking space, in my peripheral vision I couldn't help but notice the smirk that was plastered on Ewan's face, making me wonder if the two figures we had just seen had contributed to his unusually sour mood.


"Thanks again for the lesson, Ewan." I thanked him as we pulled up outside Tali's house.
"Its fine. Next week your lesson should be the same time as normal, sorry for the last minute change." Ewan's attitude was still blunt, which began to irritate me somewhat.
"Don't worry about it. See you next week." I muttered as I climbed out of the car and walked straight up to Tali's house, the front door swinging open before I had a chance to even try to knock.
"Is he still he- oh." Tali sighed, watching Ewan's car drive away down the road in the distance.
"Ahh forget it Tali, he's acting like a complete dick at the moment anyway." 
   When Tali had opened the door wide enough I slipped past her and headed straight for the kitchen, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl and taking a large bite from it, sighing as I sat down on one of the bar stools.
"Do you want to explain what happened?" Tali asked me, her eyebrows knitted together in confusion.
"Ewan was just being ridiculously rude and had one heck of an attitude on him."
"Dont worry about him, he'll come around eventually. Everyone has their off days." Tali reassured. I hoped there was some truth in what she said, Ewan had no reason to be so rude. "On the bright side, there's a house party tonight, just down the road." 
"Are you being serious?" I groaned, resting my head in my hands.
"Oh come on Hannah it'll be fun! We haven't been out together in aaages!" She grinned.
"Whose party is it?"
"Who cares? Its an open invitation." Talk shrugged, "Pleeasse?"
"But I don't have anything to wear." I moaned, praying I won't have to end up going.
"You are so blonde." Hannah replied, shaking her head, "Wear something of mine!"
"Fine." I sighed after realising I pretty much had no choice.
"Ahh this is going to be so good!" Tali squealed, already making plans to get wasted.


A/N: I'm so sorry its taken me so long to upload!! I have really bad writers block as I don't really tend to plan the story ahead, I probably should, shouldn't I? As much as I love writing this, it would be lovely to hear some feedback from you if you're reading this? 

Does anyone else feel like giving up, like, completely? I feel like such a screw up. My anxiety is getting worse and I have GCSE's coming up, everyone's expecting me to get A's in EVERYTHING and there's no way that I can do that. Its too much! I had a panic attack just before my English Controlled assessment the other day :L everyone just laughed. I don't know if anyone reads these authors notes or anything but its easy to just talk to someone or something you don't know I suppose.
if you do read these, thank you <3
please vote, comment, fan etc. :D Big Love .xx

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