I'm Yours - Harry Styles Fanfic

17 year old Hannah is shy and quiet, very unlike her best friend Tali who is confident and outgoing. Naturally, Hannah sits back and lets the world go by, but not without her own problems. Hannah's dad is off the rails. Drunk, Violent, Dangerous.
After trying to escape her problems Hannah meets someone unexpected, but Hannah soon discovers a different side to him that very few people see, a part corrupted by the past, the reason known only to a select few...
(sorry description is bad but the story should be better!)


10. 21 Dares

After spending what seemed like hours being quizzed by Tali on Ewan's unusual attitude along with much deliberation, Tali had finally decided the best time to arrive at the party would be about eight leaving us roughly an hour to get ready, 'not too early, but not missing anything exciting' as she had put it.
As I sat on the edge of Tali's bed, I watched as she flicked through her wardrobe at an insane speed, pausing every so often to examine an article before resuming her search.
"What about this?" Tali asked as she pulled a short, strapless black dress off the rail, the hem looking like it would only just cover your bum, "I think it would look gorgeous on you!" She grinned. My eyes widened at the small piece of fabric he held before me.
"Please tell me you're joking?"
Tali cocked her eyebrow, making it clear that she didn't suggest the skimpy fabric just for a laugh. "Tali, I am NOT wearing that. Maybe I would if I wanted my arse on show all night, but until then I think I'll leave it."
Tali laughed at my obvious dislike to her suggestion as she placed the dress back on the rail.
"So how long am I going to have to endure this party for?" I rested my chin on my hand and tried to see each piece of clothing Tali stopped to look at, but gave up trying to keep up with her speed.
"I don't know. We're just going to 'go with the flow' I suppose." She put in air quotes, "How about this?" Tali pulled out another black dress, this time slightly longer and with straps but with panels cut out either side around the waist, consequently revealing a considerable amount of stomach flesh. Now, I'm not a nun or anything but I'd rather not be groped all night by strangers. "That's a no then." Tali answered her own question once she saw my horrified expression. As Tali continued to rummage through the clothes again, a pair of ripped, washed out, high waisted denim shorts caught my eye.
"What about these...." Tali watched me intently as I pulled out the shorts and flicked through the masses of clothes, eventually finding a dark grey sleeveless top, "...and this?" I turned to face her and held up the two items against me.
"Not the conventional house party attire, but I think that's definitely more 'you' rather than the dresses." She grinned. "That's me sorted then." I breathed a sigh of relief at no longer having to endure the search for a 'suitable outfit', Tali already having picked out what she was going to wear, a short, dark blue dress, not dissimilar to the first she had chosen for me.
    After getting changed, I decided to leave my hair wavy and apply minimal makeup before waiting for Tali to finish applying hers. Tali will never put lots of makeup on unless it was absolutely necessary; but being a perfectionist, will spend an unbelievable amount of time ensuring her eyeliner was even, her mascara didn't clump together and her lipstick gave her lips the perfect shape.
    "Are you ready to go?" Tali asked once she had finished her makeup and began locking the back door and shutting each window.
"I think so." I replied, mentally running through everything I would need.
"Let's get this party started then!" She cried, flinging her arms high into the air and parading towards the front door.


The walk to the party was short but when we arrived, the atmosphere was already buzzing, the heavy bass of the loud music being clear even from outside the house.
    Inside the house was the same, but on a higher scale. The rooms were dark and bodies were pressed up against each other, swaying to the beat resonating within the open space.
"Do you want a drink?" Tali shouted in my ear in an attempt to drown out the music. 
"Go on then." I shrugged. 
"Back in a sec then, stay here." I did as Tali said, owing to the fact that I didn't know anyone here, and so leant back against the cold wall and waited for Tali's return.
    Not long after she had disappeared, Tali returned holding two plastic cups containing what smelled like beer. As she handed me the cup I took a sip, forcing back a cough as the dry liquid ran down my throat.
"Follow me, I want you to meet some people." Tali grabbed a hold of my hand and pulled me through the growing number of people that filled the house, heading through the back door and stepping out into the cold night air where a considerably smaller number of people stood, each forming their own little groups. "Hey Jack!" Tali called as we made our way towards one of the smaller huddles and letting go of my hand to greet a tall, brown haired, well built guy around 19 years old.
"Tali! I'm glad you could make it."Jack smiled. "Who's your friend?" He asked, gesturing towards myself.
"Jack this is Hannah, Hannah this is Jack." Tali introduced. 
"Nice to meet you Hannah." He grinned, nodding his head slightly, "How are you Tali?"
"I'm good thanks, what about you?"
"I'm fine. We were just about to play 21 dares, you game?" 
"Sure! Are you going to play Hannah?" Tali asked. I paused, being slightly hesitant to play.
"Come on, it will be fun!" Jack enocouraged.
"Sure, okay."
Jack grinned and turned back to the group, "Right, we have one more. Is there anyone else that can play?" He asked before answering is own question, directing his attention over to a group further down the garden.
"HARRY!" He called. As the focus of Jack's attention turned in the direction his name was being called from, I realised who else was at this party; a person who I had half hoped I would, half hoped I wouldn't see again. Harry's eyesight rested on me, his eyebrows furrowing and his lips pressing into a hard line, his features slightly confused.
"Harry? You up for playing 21 dares?"
I watched as Harry thought for a moment before nodding and making his way over to our group, his eyes watching my movements with caution.
     We picked an empty spot on the grass and sat in a circle, Tali on one side of me, Jack on the other and Harry sitting opposite me.
"2, 3"
"4, 5"
"7, 8, 9"
"10, 11, 12" 
"13, 14, 15"
The numbers continued to increase, eventually stopping at 21 on a girl with bright pink hair and multiple facial piercings.
"Sean, you pick a dare for Jasmine." Jack instructed.
"Erm...give Rhydian a lap dance." Sean replied, slightly unsure of his own answer. Without hesitation, Jasmine rose from her spot on the grass and walked over to Rhydian, smirking as she proceeded with her dare.
    By the end of the dare, Rhydian was left red faced and possibly in a state of shock, slightly overcome by what had just happened whilst Jasmine strutted back to her seat. The game continued again, with a guy called Nick being dared to go and feel up a random girl, resulting in him being slapped hard across the cheek, and a girl named Sydney being dared to down a mix of each of our drinks, including orange juice and milk.
    The game began again, this time making its way around the circle in the opposite direction.
"17, 18."
"21." A low voice sighed reluctantly. I followed the sound and realised it was Harry's turn.
"Hannah, you pick Harry's dare." Jack suggested.
"No, I don't know." I replied, unable to think of an appropriate dare when put on the spot.
"Okay then, Alex?" Jack asked a peroxide blonde haired girl who looked a little older than me. Unable to think of a dare herself, Alex shrugged; not even seeming interested in the game. "Fine then. Harry..." Jack paused, it almost being possible to hear his mind thinking of a dare, "...kiss Hannah."
"What?! No!"

Okay, that hurt.

"Fine then," Jack continued, "You forfeit. Go ask Jacob to suck you off instead."
I watched as Harry sighed, shooting a glare at Jack before turning to face me. Harry's face was emotionless although slight caution was hidden in his eyes, his lips pressed into a firm line as he leant across the circle, reducing the space between us. 
    Harry's lips lingered on mine only briefly before he withdrew back to his seat, his face slightly flushed but expressionless as he watched Jack began the next round. For the rest of the game I zoned out, wondering why someone I've only just met could hate me so much, my mouth moving on auto pilot when the numbers came back round to me.
    Eventually I was brought back down to earth by Tali violently prodding my arm.
"Han...HAN!" I turned to face my chirpy friend. "Everyone's bored, do you want to go back inside?"
I looked around at the significantly reduced number of people sitting on the grass, Harry being one of the people that had dissappeared.
"Go on then." I sighed, chuckling slightly as she hauled me to my feet and dragged me back into the house.
"Good, because I need another drink!" She laughed. Tali quickly led us through the sea of people and into the kitchen where she grabbed two more plastic cups, handing one to me and taking a large gulp of her own.
"Do you want to come and dance?" Tali yelled over the loud, ringing music.
I shook my head and pointed to my temple. "No, I have a banging headache. I'll just stay here."
Tali's eyebrows furrowed, "Are you sure?" She asked.
"I'll be fine, go have fun!" I smiled reassuringly.
Tali looked unconvinced as she walked away, being engulfed in the sea of bodies. 
    I quickly became bored of waiting by the couch for Tali, instead deciding to find a seat in the kitchen. The large kitchen was substantially less crowded than the living room, the only people there being a few couples and three or four groups of friends just milling about, holding their drinks in their hands.
    After refilling my cup, this time with water instead of alcohol I sat down at one of the empty bar stools around the marble topped table. I had no idea how long Tali was going to be and so after ten minutes of waiting, boredom once again took over and I began to trace the swirling patterns on the table with my finger. As I stared intently at the cold stone I didn't realise the seat next to me had been occupied by someone not long after I myself had sat down.
I turned in the direction of the voice and saw his familiar face watching me intently. 

Oh Joy...


A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in so long! just a quick update really. I apologise for any mistakes or typos, none of this has been edited yet, o if you see a typo, just tell me and I will correct it. thank you to all of you who are still reading this, I really appreciate it :) please comment, vote and fan/follow :) big love .xx)

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