Dangers of Popularity

My first story I have ever written. A book bacically about the life of a typical middle schooler and his friendship with those populars.


1. Dangers of Popularity

I remember being in the 6th grade wondering what life will be like here in this new environment of "Big Kid" school. I wondered how often I would see my friends from last year. I never thought that they would become the people that they are today. I never saw it coming. Popularity was coming, and it was coming fast. Before I knew it I was left behind with all the other unfamiliar outcast that meet my face everyday. My friends from 6th grade became the "Populars" of today in the 8th grade and I stayed the same ordinary kid from your 6th grade class. I still made small talk with some of them, but it's not the same as it was then. This is what popularity did to them. Apparently it's against the rules of popularity to talk to those that aren't in your group of uplifted and praised friends.
I found that popularity changed them in many ways whether they talked to me as much or just flat out ignored me in the hallways when I said hey. What is popularity? The state of being admired by others is what it is. I sometimes find myself admiring the populars, but why? Is it because of the clothes they wear and how they never fail to make themselves look like they own every store on the streets of Hollywood? I see the popular girls walking down the hallway with their friends. All walking at the same beat of the music going on in their heads. They Wearing Hollister that day or Abercrombie the next making sure that they were noticed. They wear their skinny jeans with their $200 Uggs and I just wonder how they afford it. Maybe that's it.
I find myself always wondering how they could afford all these expensive clothes while I'm over hear wearing who knows what brand of clothes. I wonder if they know that they are admired. I think they have to know they're popular considering the fact that they have over 1000 friends on Facebook and over 400 followers on Instagram. So many questions I have that I don't have the answers to, but thats okay because life is full of unanswered questions. Why have they turned fake on me. That's the big question. The definition of fake to me is acting as if you two weren't the best of friends in the 6th grade and making it seem like I was just another kid in the halls. We were more than that and why don't they remember that--No--why are they acting like they don't remember that. I'm guessing their point of view is if you don't hang out with them anymore, the friendship is terminated, and no more contact shall be made with them. It's not fun seeing your friends change like that. Moving on with their lives to better things like shopping with they're friends and making jokes with them in class. They're living the dream. It's okay though because you eventually make new friends and those who used to be close friends to you are just once a month associates.
This turning fake once you're popular thing isn't necessarily referring to all that are popular in my book of "Those who are Popular". It's hard to believe, even for myself that I am close friends with some of the populars. Some of them didn't turn AS unreal as the others. I'm still one of they're backup friends, but it's as close as I'll get to popularity.
If I ever became popular, I wouldn't leave my friends behind. I would of course talk with the people I talk to now. It's not that bad though now that I've made it seem like they're terrible people because they changed in a bad way to me and others I have spoken with. I see the populars as those who strut through the hallways with so much pride. They have those relationships that the press call "Cutest 14 year old relationship of the month", but they eventually break up and sit there wondering why no relationship is working for them, but that can be saved for another story. The Populars also have that glow of power around them. They could ruin me socially if I'm not careful. You could easily distinguish one who is popular from one who is lets say... socially awkward like me, but again it's okay becuase of course I'm not dying over here for a small drop of their popularity.
I predict that this will probably all change in a few months when we all enter high school. They're going to back at the bottom of the food chain. They're not going to have time to be popular. Maybe their cliches will break up kind of like they did with the transition from Elementary to Middle. I'm sure they'll still find groups to be in like for example the big kid populars, the jocks, the big kid popular jocks and all the other groups there are, but nobody will care about their status because High school is bigger than what we have imagined in our heads. Their popularity will die and they will be sucked in with all they other kids in the high school, no longer remember for those $200 Uggs. When this happens, I will be free. Free from the fear of being shunned by them. Free of worry about what they think about me. It won't matter anymore and we will all mind to ourselves and it will be perfect, but I don't need to care what they think about me and neither does anyone else. how about I just practice being free right now.
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