Live While We're Young.

Aubrey and Jocelyn were bestfriends,
Until Jocelyn and her mother moved to L.A.
They briefly kept in touch.
Aubrey thought she'd never see her bestfriend again,
Until now, Jocelyn is back.
Just as they thought everything was back to normal,
The boys from One Direction were now a regular part of their lives.
Aubrey never thought she'd fall for a member of a boyband.
As for Jocelyn,
She has never been so torn between two boys before.
And then there is Lindsey,
Aubrey's twin sister, who was there just to screw everything up!


1. Introducing Jocelyn and Aubrey!

Jocelyn's POV:

I can't believe it. In about an hour I will be on a fucking plane, leaving L.A and heading back to Long Beach. I really don't know why i'm so damn excited, my bestfriend Aubrey probably won't even remember me, we haven't exactly kept in touch except for the odd little Facebook message here and there, about the weather, the news, or some other boring subject that 19 year old girls don't really find that intriguing. So you're probably wondering 'Why in the world would you want to leave L.A?'. Well, it's simple, one day I really want to be an actress. And believe it or not, I got a scholarship to Long Beach Acting Academy! I also have a job down there, at some couture clothing store. The only reason I got the job is becase my auntie Leah, who was pretty big in the fashion industry put in a good word for me. 

"Jocelyn, it was your god damn idea to move back to Long Beach" My mother yelled sounding slightly annoyed that I wasn't downstairs and dressed yet, she can be such a bitch sometimes "And we only have an hour until we are expected to be at the airport for our flight!"

"I'll be down in a sec" I said lazily. I got up, and turned on some music, let's just say if I hadn't been to so many concerts, I probably wouldn't have been able to withstand the volume my music was playing at. I picked out and outfit, I hopped around trying to put on my beige skinny jeans, I slipped on a white shoulder-less chiffon shirt over my fair skined torso, I slipped on my favorite pair of  white pumps and a Chanel purse. I looked in the mirror, happy with my outfit, I proceeded with my make-up. I added a thin layer of cover up, then some black mascara to define my brown eyes. I smiled and grabbed my carry-on and slipped my iPhone into my back pocket, just as I slid it in there I received a text, I removed my phone from my pocket, it was from Julia, my only real friend here 'Hey babe, i'm gonna miss your beautiful face, call me when you land' I smiled at her text, I replied 'sure thing darling' and once again put my phone in my pocket and walked downstairs. I saw my mom making out with the 46 year old plumber guy who lived across from us. I knew my mom dated lots of guys, but I never thought that in her right mind she would date someone so untasteful and rude. Although knowing my mom she was probably extremely drunk. "Mother, I thought we had to go?" I scoffed.

"Just give me a second Jocelyn!" she practically screamed, I let out a heavy sigh. I was going to be waiting for awhile.. I decided to call a cab to pick my mother and I up.

~In taxi~

Now was time to get back at my mom for making me wait so long, after yelling at me for taking so long."Mom?"

"Yes Jocelyn?" she said sounding rather irritated.

"Do you enjoy fucking a different men, everynight?" I asked, purposely saying it loud enough for the taxi driver to hear.

"Jocelyn, that is not true!" she protested.

"Mother don't lie" I said in my sweetest voice. My mother just grunted and put on her sunglasses and turned to look out the window.

In about 15 minutes we arrived at the airport, I was so excited to go to a place I once called home, I grabbed my carry on and 2 suitcases and made my way into the busy yet quiet airport. I waited for my mom at  the baggage drop off, once she arrived we weighed our luggage and they took it to be loaded onto the plane, we made our way to security and we both got by with no problem. I was surprised I thought we would've been there for atleast 20 minutes, knowing my mom she would've tried to bring some sort of alcohol with her. Maybe she was trying to change... Ya right!

We were now sitting on the plane. I could almost see the beautiful place I would be calling my home once again.


Aubrey's POV:

I woke up to the sound of one of my favorite Muse songs, coming from my iPhone, perched on top of the dock. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly, not wanting to move from the warmth of my bed. I savored the  Californian sun streaming through my gauze-like white curtains, illuminating every inch of my room for a few more moments, until I opened my eyes slowly to glance at the time on my blaring iPhone. Shit. I have class in less than an hour. It was the first day, and I'd rather not give the impression that I don't give a fuck. Even though I don't.

My dad is forcing me to go to this school. It's definately not what I wanted to do with my life, but since they expect more of me, I have to go to school and study History. Who in their right mind would want to spend their life being some kind of fucking History major? I would much rather model, but no, my stupid twin sister got to while I have to sit in some stuffy classroom listening to lectures about some guy from a gazillion years ago. My parents always treated my sister like she was incabable of doing anything.

  I jumped out of my king sized bed and ran in to my walk-in closet. I grabbed my favorite bikini, seeing as I'll probably go to the beach after class to get out of this house. I pulled  a white lace bustier on to my toned torso, and dark wash jean shorts over my long tanned legs. I pushed my feet in to a pair of teal flip flops and grabbed my matching tote bag. I stuffed my phone and sunglasses in to my purse and went in to my en-suite bathroom. I pulled my long wavvy hair back so it was semi-presentable, and went for a natural makeup look. I swiped mascara on to my long dark eyelashes and concealed the few blemishes with my foundation. I finished the look with my trademark cherry chapstick. Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I walked out of my room, and passed my twin sister's room to see what she was up to.

She was on her phone, texting one of her bitchy friends. "Linds, I'm going to class now, I'll see you later." I shouted to her as I walked by her door.

"Remember, we're going shopping later for the party! Mom wants us to look good, because dad has some important guests coming and he wants to make a good impression. He won't tell us who. Anyways, mom said the budget for our outfits was $12,000." She said, slightly disappointed. God, she's spoiled. I looked around her room, posters of some silly boy band covered every inch of the lilac walls. I rolled my eyes, not knowing why she loved them so much. They seemed so full of themselves.

I walked down the long hallway, navigating through the maze that was my house. My parents were off kissing someone's ass, or someone was kissing theirs.  I walked outside, and got in to my sleek black convertible, pulling my aviators and my keys out of my tote. I pushed my keys in to the ignition and put my sunglasses on simultaneously. I backed out of the long driveway, and pulled on to the highway. I glanced at the sandy beach, wishing I was laying down and soaking up the sun. I sighed, realizing I probably won't even get to go to today, with my mom insisting on me getting a new dress for the party. "I guess I'll have to wait," I said to myself as I pulled in to the parking lot of California State University.



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