the new and the old

haley has been dating niall horan for over a year now shes had a rough past but life couldnt get any better right now becasue she lives with her 4 best friends and her boyfriend but what happends when her past comes up? will she have nothing left to love.


2. there back

haleys pov

I hearid the door unlock and there stood drunk harry, zayn, and louis oh but wait they brought 3 hookers back. wait i know them thats the girls who beat me. Oh look this is were the little slut went to hide at one of them i said. look you can see shes going to cry like a baby they. niall  whisper in my ear why are they being so mean do you know them he asked bye then i was crying. get out i said one came up to me and slapped me. they shouldnt have done that i was about to let my bad side come out that no one had ever seen. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU FUCKING SLUTS. then i went up to them and slapped them but saddly that didnt work one came up and started a fight with me. she pushed me down but i took her with me with that i punched her over and over a again untill her tooth fell out. NOW ANY OF YOU OTHER BITCHS WANT SOME OF ME TO. they studerd out THEN GET THE HELL OUT THEN i yelling. then they ran out and the boys were all shocked i just passed out on the couch. i woke up and i could hear the boys in the kitchen saying things like who were they or i never knew she could do that. i walked and the kitchen they all atacked me with hugs and started asking me things. they said that the one i punched had came  back and said that, thats wasnt the last we would see of here and that she would kill me.

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