the new and the old

haley has been dating niall horan for over a year now shes had a rough past but life couldnt get any better right now becasue she lives with her 4 best friends and her boyfriend but what happends when her past comes up? will she have nothing left to love.


5. the beach

haleys pov

they said i  could check out of the hospitil so we did but niall said they might come back we had to go somewere els. niall said we were going to stay at the beach we picked me up bridle style and cared me to the van were the rest of the boys were. they all asked me how i was feeling while we drove to the beach i was starting to think this might be really fun. when we got there they had rented a really big house and there was a little fair down the road that we could walk to and the beach was in the back yard. we all went to bed because it was 1:00 am bye the time we got there. i got to sleep in the same room as niall witch i loved. we got under the warm blankets and cuddled up to each other and fell a sleep. i woke with all 5 of the boys jumping on the bed i just started to laugh and got up. said said today we would go to the beach then the fair sso i new today would be fun. we all got dressed and of corse sence niall packed my bag for me he picked out a pink small bathing suit. when i walked out to the beach all the boys were looking at me and thats when niall yelled SHE'S MINE ONLY. i laughed and got in the water with the boys and they all tryed to drownd me. out of no were louis got out and started to chase a pigon and he kept yelling PLEASE KEVIN COME BACK. after that we all went back into the house to get ready for the fair.

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