the new and the old

haley has been dating niall horan for over a year now shes had a rough past but life couldnt get any better right now becasue she lives with her 4 best friends and her boyfriend but what happends when her past comes up? will she have nothing left to love.


6. Fair time

haleys pov

we all started to walk to the fair it was aroung 6:00 pm so it was a little dark but there was alot of rides. me and niall went are own way.first we rode a rollercoster and i had my face in nialls cheast the hole time because i was scared then we went to play this game and niall won so he got me this huge heart shapped pillow. then we at cotton candy the day was almost perfuct untill we went on the fairewhell because we got stuck on the top for 35 mins. the boys were ready to leave but they had to wait untill they fixed the ride. i was scary but niall kept me close and we kept kissing and every thing was perfuct.

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