the new and the old

haley has been dating niall horan for over a year now shes had a rough past but life couldnt get any better right now becasue she lives with her 4 best friends and her boyfriend but what happends when her past comes up? will she have nothing left to love.


3. am I died?

haleys pov

I knew she would be back but i wasnt scared. i was lost in thoughts but then i hearid i big loud sound THUP. somebody threw a rock at the window it had a note on it. it said , Dear haley now that we know were you are were coming back with some friends and were going to kill you and make your boyfriend watch xoxo bitch see ya soon From, us

when the note said some friends thats when i got scared theres alot of people who want me dead so ya. well i was in mine and nialls room so i was alone so i just started to scream really loud. WHATS HAPPEND i hearid 5 boys yell. t..t..the rock with t..the note i said. niall picked it up read but thats when we hearid the real crash sound from down staris. I knew what was happening so i grabed the boys and pushed out the window (witch is on the first floor) but then the bed room slammed opened and i felt i horrible stabbing feeling in my arm then i blacked out.

nialls pov

haley was pushing us out of the window but then the door slammed open and this big guy came and stabbed haley then she blacked out. the man ran out the door because the alarm had been going off and the cops had just arrived.  they took haley away but right in the middle of the road i started yelling on the top of my lungs and crying. harry and louis put me in the car and we all drove to they hospitel to see haley. when the car stopped i ran as fast as i could and asked a nurse what room she was in she said 160 but she stopped me and said "why would you even care shes ugly and you could get so much better." of corese she said that the was like 18 or 19 years old but i ignored her and ran to 160. when i got there she laid there slepping so perfuct. i kissed her head and her eyes slowly opened. "am I died yet she asked" no i said "than were am " your in the hosiptial i said.

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