the new and the old

haley has been dating niall horan for over a year now shes had a rough past but life couldnt get any better right now becasue she lives with her 4 best friends and her boyfriend but what happends when her past comes up? will she have nothing left to love.


1. The past

haleys pov

me,niall,liam, were all watching a movie while harry, louis, zayn were out somewere. we were wacting some movie about kids who get bullied but then bad things came back in my mind things i never wanted to remiber.

*flash back*

It was a monday morring witch i hated because i would have to go to school get the shit beat out of me and then go home and get the shit beat out of me again. i didnt have much clothes so i just put on some dark jeains and a light purple flowery top and some sandles. i walked out the door to walk to school but out of no were 3 of the worst people i knew came out and starting kicking me in the cheast they said i was a slut and i should go to hell. i never told people about it because they said they would hurt me even more. when they were done i just got andf went to school even no i think i broke my ribs but i didnt care.i went to gym and there they were again ainsley, lily, chloe no one els was in the gym so they beat me up again but this time it was the worst they have ever done. all i reambir befor i blacked out was the sounds of screams and yelling.

i  woke up and i was in a hospitil and i kinda felt good then a nurse came in and said that i was at school and somebody beat me up and that i blacked out and they had to take me to a hospitil and that if i felt ok i could leave. i got up and left i took off running not home not school just as far away as i could run. i was still running and then i passed out near a big house.

nialls pov

i was looking out my window and i saw a beautiful girl running but then passed out i got all the boys and we ran out side and brought her inside and put her on the couch.

haleys pov

i woke up with 5 cut  boys a round me they said they saw me pass out so they brought me in. they told me i could stay as long as i wanted so i end up living with them and then i started going out with niall.

*end of flash back*



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