Secret Life

It's about a girl name Amber, she's 16 years old and she's been adopted into Niall Horan's family because her biological father is very abusive. 8 months ago Amber was kidnapped and she tries to commit suicide, but she was found just in time. Now she's has her loving brother to help her cope with her cutting, and her best friend by her side all the way through. Did I mention she has a thing with Harry Styles? Well she does, but something goes horribly wrong and it puts their relationship at risk, will Harry be able to fix it when he gets back, or will his angry wreck what little feelings she has left for him?
Read to find out!
<<First fanfic- no hate please!>>


3. Three

Louis' POV

It was kind of weird walking in on Harry and Amber's intimidate session. But it was also kind of cute, I will admit that. I did tell anyone because I don't think they would have wanted anyone know yet, especially Amber because Niall would get really protective and mad at Harry. I remember Amber telling me about something like that awhile ago, she had a thing with one of Niall's friends and Niall's protective instincts took over. Josh was the partying and player type and Niall knew all about that and his reputation. But Amber didn't see it, Niall was just looking out for his little sister when Josh cheated on her with some slut from school. He could never stay with one girl, Niall found this out and tried talking to him about it, but he as being a complete asshole about it, Niall snapped. Niall ended up beating Josh up when he came over, it was pretty bad, Amber showed up at the house just as Josh was leaving, Josh told her it was over and walked away. She didn't know what happened or that he cheated on her, she didn't say anything more about what happened to him and Niall but I'm pretty sure they didn't talk anymore. My train of thought was lost when I heard my phone ringing, it was Liam.

"Hello?" "Louis, it's Liam" he sounded stressed.

"Liam, is everything okay?"

"No. It's Harry, he started using" Oh my gosh not again. I honestly didn't think he'd try it again, not after what happened last time.

"Fuck ... I'll be right over"


* * *


When I entered Harry's house, I checked the kitchen first. There, on the counter was a baggie of cocaine, I took it and flushed I down the toilet. I wasn't mad that Harry started using again, I was upset, but I couldn't do anything about it now, except for being a good understanding friend and listened to what he had to say and hopefully try to help him stop again. I did it last time, I should be able to do it again, especially since I had Liam to help me now, last time it was just me; Harry didn't want anyone finding out.

"Liam?!" I shouted frantically.

"Downstairs mate" he replied calmly.

"Is he okay?" "He's coming down"

"How'd you find out about him doing drugs?"

"I've been calling him all morning and he wasn't answering, I knew something was wrong, so I came over. I found his supply in the kitchen and him passed out downstairs, then I called you"

"Um ... Okay ... I flushed it down the toilet"

"No! Louis!!" Harry said angrily. Whoops, little too loud.

"But mate, will we be able to help him?" Liam asked.

"Yes, I've done it before, it took a couple of days, but we should be able to do this again. We just have to keep an eye on him"

"Louis?" Harry whimpered.

"I'm right here, what do you need?" I asked calmly.

"Amber. Where us she?"

"Not right now, she's probably at home with Niall"

"I want to see her" he whined.

"Not when you're like this, we have to help you first"

"But ..."


* * *


Amber's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing, I was getting a text from Dani.

"Hey Amber! Hang out today? xx."

"Yeah, sure! When? xox." I replied.


I went to go get ready, Niall was still asleep so I was quiet not to wake him. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair and makeup. I really hoped I didn't wake him, he was out drinking all night and he'd be hungover and in a bitchy mood. After I was ready I went downstairs to put away the dishes for Niall so he didn't have to do it later.


Just as I was just about finished I heard a knock on the door. I opened it up to find Liam standing there impatiently.

"Come on,we need to go" he said right away.

"Are you going to tell me what this is about?"

"No time, I'll explain on the way"

"Okay let me grab my coat"


As I was getting my coat and boots I got a text from Dani.

"Around 2ish? xx."

"I'm really sorry Dani, something happened, can we hang out another day? xox."

"Sure, I hope everything is okay! xx."


* * *


We arrived at Harry's house in no time. Liam explained that Harry was having a hard time and he wanted me there to help. But I had to be calm and patient, Liam made sure I knew before we went inside, when he thought I fully understood he took me inside and upstairs to Harry's room.

"Louis?" Liam said.

"Yeah? Oh ... Um yeah" he said when he realized I was there.

"You sure about doing this?" Louis whispered to me as he was walking out of the room.

"Positive" I said trying to reassure myself.


Once Liam and Louis left, I went over to Harry's bed and sat crossed legged next to the beautiful boy who was laying beside me.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"A little bit better, I still feel like I need it though" he replied, his voice a little bit more raspy than usual.

"Well, as long as you're not doing it! I'm glad you're feeling better though" He smiled not knowing what to say next.


Minutes passed before the next thing was said.

"I'm sorry" he said like a little kid would when they've done something bad.

"Why are you sorry?" I asked confused.

"Because of what I did, it feels like I owe you and apology"

"Harry, you don't owe me or anybody anything, you've made a mistake, we all make mistakes, it makes us human"

"I ... I know. I guess you're right" he stuttered.

"I'm here for you, if you ever need anything or need to talk, just call me, I'll listen"

"Okay, thank you"

"No problem, I just want to help"

"I love you" Harry spoke quietly.

"I love you too" I replied meaningfully.

"Do you mean it?"

"Of course I do, and I always will" He smiled and started to sit up, his eyes a beautiful soft green.


He was gorgeous, so perfect. I never knew any guy could look as good as Harry did. He leaned in and I accepted his kiss. I've never been kissed like the way he's kissing me now. It was so meaningful, yet so forceful at the same time. It was like it was just us two with nothing or no one else to distract us. The way he held me was like he never wanted to let me go. He laid back down and I got on top of him, not wanting to remove my lips from his and I could tell he felt the same. His one arm was placed on my lower back pushing me into him and his other arm snaked up my back holding me in place. We continued like this for a little longer, then I rolled off of him and cuddled into him, resting my head on his chest. His arms were wrapped around me differently but he was still holding me as of I was some precious gem.

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