Secret Life

It's about a girl name Amber, she's 16 years old and she's been adopted into Niall Horan's family because her biological father is very abusive. 8 months ago Amber was kidnapped and she tries to commit suicide, but she was found just in time. Now she's has her loving brother to help her cope with her cutting, and her best friend by her side all the way through. Did I mention she has a thing with Harry Styles? Well she does, but something goes horribly wrong and it puts their relationship at risk, will Harry be able to fix it when he gets back, or will his angry wreck what little feelings she has left for him?
Read to find out!
<<First fanfic- no hate please!>>


6. Six

Niall's POV

I woke up the next morning on the couch, I was waiting for Amber to get home last night but I don't think she did. I went up to her bedroom to see if she did but she wasn't there. It was probably no big deal, she probably stayed with Dani or Jessica.


Her room was so clean, it had medium purple walls, her bed was still unmade from this morning, the white blanket kicked to the end of the bed. Over to the right of her room had her walk in closet and a computer desk with a Mac notebook in it. She had a full body length mirror with a nail polish box beside it. It felt weird being in her room without her, so I left closing the door behind me.


As I came back downstairs I herd the door bell ring, curious to see who it was I opened the door with a smile, it was Jessica.

"Hey Jess!"

"Hello, is Amber here?" She asked.

"Um, no sorry. She's probably out with a friend"

"Oh okay, thanks" she smiled.

"But do you want to come in? You could take me up on that offer" I winked.

"Oh, um sure. Like to coming in" Jessica laughed.

"Okay" I smiled again.


So Jessica and I went into the living room to talk. The next time I checked the clock I realized a couple of hours have passed since she got here. I loves being around Jessica, I could be myself and we could talk for what seemed to be like forever with out running out of things to say. She wasn't like most girls, she didn't freak out over me because I was in a popular boy band. I liked it, I really think I was starting to fall for her.


Amber's POV

I had no clue what time it was or how many days have passed since I've been taken. I was scared, it was dark and cold down here. My hands were tied behind my back and around a pole, and my mouth has been taped shut. I don't even know what I did to where ever I was, all I knew was that I went out into the back alley to throw up the rubbish at work and three people were out there, it seemed as if they were waiting for me. I couldn't see their faces and they were all dressed in black too, it could have been anyone! I was thrown in the trunk of the car and that's when j called Harry multiple times and when he didn't answer I called Liam, knowing he'd answer. As I was on the phone I overheard a couple of girls talking about a barn a little ways away from here, assuming that's where they were taking me. But I'm not so sure now, where I was had cement flooring and walls, I couldn't tell if it was a house it not. I multiple sets of footprints overhead, I was terrified now. I wish Liam would hurry up and find me, I had having to rely on other people it made me feel helpless.


"What are we going to do with her?" A girl with a harsh voice asked.

"I don't fucking care, as long as she's not around the boys it doesn't matter" Another girl spoke sharply.


The boys? Is she meaning Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis? Oh ... My ... God... I've been kidnapped by fans. These girls are so crazy, they need to get some serious fucking help! I remember awhile ago Louis telling me all these crazy stories about what the fans did to them, they get a little too obsessive


"Should we go see if she's up yet?" A third girl questioned carefully.

"No. Who the fuck cares about the little bitch, she could die for all I care. She's not aloud to be near my man, as long as she's not, I don't care" The one with the sharp voice from before answered the newer girls voice.

"Shhh, lets head out, you stay here" the girl who doesn't want me around the boys ordered.

"Okay ... What do if she wakes up?" The newer girl asked softly.

"You know where the pills are" The same girl, she seemed to be in charge.

"Hmmm. Okay" the quieter girl spoke thoughtfully.


Harry's POV

Liam and I searched every single space in the barn, Amber's not here.

"Shhh, did you hear that!" I asked Liam hopefully.

"Yeah, that car?"

"Yeah mate! I think it was over at that house, see it?" I observed as I looked out one of the broken windows.

"Want to go check it out?"

"Yes" We walked out of the barn, flashlights in our hand and started to walk towards the house that looked to be about two blocks away on the other side of the road. Within 10 minutes we were there, there was lights on surprisingly since it was after midnight. I knocked on the door in hopes someone would answer. I saw a shadow in the window looking out towards us, a few minutes later she answered the door.


"Um hi. Can I help you?" An is ugly chick with blonde hair and buck teeth asked annoyed.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you've seen a girl with brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah, I see lots of girls like that, but who knows if it's the one you're looking for"

"Her hair would be up in a bin and she was probably wearing a work uniform, something displaying Anne's Bakery on the shirt" Liam interrupted.


"AHH- MMMMMMM-" It sounded like Amber struggling to make noise.


I looked back at the girl removing my eyes from behind her and focusing in the girl in front of me. She tried closing the door but Liam already had his foot out stopping it from closing. We barged in, Liam closing the door and locking it also managing to grab the girl to hold her while I looked for Amber. I heard thrashing and more struggled screams from downstairs, so that's where I went. When I got downstairs I saw the beautiful girl I loved struggling to get free. I went go help her undo the her hands, the knots weren't tied very well so it didn't take long for me to untie them. I after I freed her hands she took off the take and went to go give me a hug, but she passed out instead. I quickly picked her up bridal style, running upstairs and telling Liam we had to leave now.

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