Secret Life

It's about a girl name Amber, she's 16 years old and she's been adopted into Niall Horan's family because her biological father is very abusive. 8 months ago Amber was kidnapped and she tries to commit suicide, but she was found just in time. Now she's has her loving brother to help her cope with her cutting, and her best friend by her side all the way through. Did I mention she has a thing with Harry Styles? Well she does, but something goes horribly wrong and it puts their relationship at risk, will Harry be able to fix it when he gets back, or will his angry wreck what little feelings she has left for him?
Read to find out!
<<First fanfic- no hate please!>>


9. Nine

Niall's POV

I got a phone call from the hospital telling me that Amber was in critical condition, she got into a car accident. As the nurse was telling me this I started to cry, I had to hang up. I couldn't believe this, I shouldn't of let her leave; no I shouldn't of made such a big deal out if this. This was all my fault, I started a fight with Amber then went to Harry's to start one with him, I was so stupid.


I wanted to go see Amber but the nurse said she probably wouldn't be able to have visitors for a couple of days. I didn't know what else to do but I knew I was suppose to do this. I got our my bottle of whiskey, I drank and drank, I couldn't tell you how many bottles I've drank. Fuck, I couldn't tell you my name right this second.


I was so dizzy, my vision was extremely blurry. I felt like I was going to vomit but I could barely stand. The last think I remember was falling to the ground. But I didn't feel it until the next morning. Man did I ever feel like shit, my whole body ached and I felt like a transport ran over me a million and a half times. I realized just what exactly I did last night; I abused alcohol, again. I got up and started to clean up, there was whiskey and vomit all over the floor. There was about two almost three bottles gone. That was insane; way too much.


I checked my pockets for my phone, when I found it I saw that I had 42 missed calls and 71 texts, all from the boys and Jessica. The texts from Jessica were the worst, there was only four but I didn't like them at all. First she asked about Amber and I, then told me that we wouldn't work out, she didn't want to piss Amber off anymore than she already did. I couldn't handle all this, I threw my phone across the room, I would imagine it broke. I sat down on the floor and started crying, I lost my mate, the girl I loves and my little sister; it was too much for one person to handle. I didn't want to do it but I just wanted to forget, I finished that bottle then got out more.


Harry's POV

I'm done, I don't want to do drugs anymore, I never did but this time it's gone too far. Louis was right. I was on my way to a rehab centre, I needed real help and I was going to get it. I know this would affect the tour, my reputation and Amber ... This could possibly ruin the little bit of what I had with her. But I couldn't worry about that, she'd want me to get help.


Jessica's POV

I heard about the accident on the telly, I called Liam about it to see if he knew who it was because Niall wasn't answering. He did, it was heart breaking; it was my best friend, Amber. As soon as I heard about this I rushed over to the hospital but they said because of her condition she wouldn't be aloud visitors for awhile. T

he fuck?! I want to know what happened, there must have been something seriously going on because Niall would usually take her to wherever so needed to go.


How the nurse said "her condition" it sounded serious. I really hope she's okay, I can't lose my best friend! I don't know what I'd do, she's helped me through so much and I've been by her side for everything since we were little. This hurt, a lot. I don't know what to do, usually I'd got talk to Niall ... But I don't know what's going on between us, we haven't talked about my decision at all. But apparently I'm not the only one who he's ignoring.


What happened with Amber most be seriously affecting him.


When I got back I went to my room, I closed the door and locked it. I went over to my closet and got out my lighter and hair clip out of the little jewelry box I hid it in. I took the lighter and heated up the metal hair clip. Once it was red hot I pushed it into my skin, I did this multiple times, it stung a lot but it helped. I sat there staring at my arm looking at the recent burns and the older burn marks. I started to cry I didn't know what to do ... I was so lost at this moment ...


Louis POV

I went to Harry's today but no one was home so I tried calling him but he didn't pick up; the third time I called him he did.

"Hello?" Harry answered.

"Hey mate! Where are you? I stopped by your house today but you weren't home, I haven't seen you in awhile"

"Um ... Yeah ... About that, I went to um ... I'm going to rehab"

"Oh well good! I'm glad you're getting help"

"Thanks but please don't tell anyone, okay?"

"Okay, sure thing. But what am I suppose to say if they ask?"

"Just say ... Just say you don't know"

"Um okay"

"Thanks mate"

"No problem, but may I ask why no one is suppose to know?"

"It's because they'll keep calling and texting but I want to give it a couple of days. I need to think about how I'm going to tell Amber"

"You might have to wait more than a couple of days"

"What do you mean? Is she okay?" He asked worriedly.

"Um we don't know yet. She got into a car accident a couple of days ago. Didn't anyone tell you?"

"No ..."

"Oh ..."

"How bad?"

"No one really knows, she's not aloud to have visitors yet"

"Oh my god"


"Did this happen Monday?"

"Yeah why?"



"It's all my fault!"

"No it's not, I could of happened to anyone"

"But it happened to Amber"

"Don't worry about it mate, she'll get better"

"Don't worry about it?! How can I not"

"It was an accident Harry, you couldn't if stopped it"

"Yes I could of ... If I didn't let her leave, she would of been fine"

"Don't blame yourself"

"When you see her, her I'm sorry and I love her" he ended the call.

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