Secret Life

It's about a girl name Amber, she's 16 years old and she's been adopted into Niall Horan's family because her biological father is very abusive. 8 months ago Amber was kidnapped and she tries to commit suicide, but she was found just in time. Now she's has her loving brother to help her cope with her cutting, and her best friend by her side all the way through. Did I mention she has a thing with Harry Styles? Well she does, but something goes horribly wrong and it puts their relationship at risk, will Harry be able to fix it when he gets back, or will his angry wreck what little feelings she has left for him?
Read to find out!
<<First fanfic- no hate please!>>


5. Five

Harry' s POV

I called Amber earlier and she said she had work but she'd be done around 9. So I was going to surprise her by picking up her favourite flowers, daffodils and taking her back to my place for dinner. I had an hour before I had to go so I went to the flower shop to pick up the flowers, after I was going to the grocery store when there was a huge group of people with cameras in the middle of the road. Great, the paparazzi! I turned off the street I was on in hopes I could get to the store. Once I was there, I saw them again; they must have seen me in the flower shop and they were probably trying to figure out who I bought the flowers for. I really hate paparazzi, they were everywhere and trying to find out every little thing about our lives, they could never leave us alone and the bitches were everywhere!


Ring ring

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"Harry, it's Liam!" "Oh hey! What's up?"

"It's um, Amber! She called me saying that she was in trouble and you weren't answering!"

"Where is she now?!"

"She said something about an abandon barn just outside of here"

"I think I know which one, there isn't that many and I've been there before! Meet me there?"

"Oh, that one! Okay I'll hurry there" And with that I left heading out towards that barn.


Unfortunately it was an hour away. I got out onto the highway I need pretty quickly and luckily there wasn't much cars. I was going over 120km/h. So I got to the barn pretty quickly, I was there before Liam but he usually doesn't like speeding. But that's alright, as long as I'm there right away. I really hope Amber is okay, it's really cold out and I don't know how well she was dressed for this weather!


The barn was a faded red, it was old and had some boards missing. I never did like this barn, we had to use it one night when mine and Zayn's car broke down. In the barn, there was a main part, then there was a ladder that went from the floor to the ceiling that had different levels to store stuff on. Although the ladders and really old, they're missing some of the rungs. Then there was a basement part of the barn, where they stored the tools and animal feed, but because the barn is so old there's a hole in the floors to get down to that part. As I was walking though the barn, I was trying to be quiet until Liam got here because I didn't know if anyone else was here not not. If it wasn't dark out it would make mine and Liam's job so much easier, but I'm still going to look for her, I would do anything and I won't let the lack of sunlight affect that! But what also made it harder is we don't know if she's even in the barn, she could be out in the field or somewhere around here.


I heard a car pull up outside the barn, I quickly turned around and started to walk back outside to the front of the barn, hoping it was Liam. As I was walking towards the exit, I noticed a whole bunch of shards of glass all over the barn floor. As I started to walk out I saw a figure dressed in all black getting something out of his/her car. I couldn't see a face and this worried me, the person shut the trunk and had something in their hands, it looked kind of like a shorter sized wrench but I wasn't quite sure.

"Harry?" The person spoke.

"Liam, is that you mate?"

"Yeah, I brought flashlights" A wave of relief went over me.

"Have you been inside yet?" Liam asked.

"Yeah, it's going tone hard to find her, she might not even be inside for all we know"

"Good point, better get looking"


We were just about inside the barn when we heard another set of footsteps. We turned around and saw someone standing there, then they ran off into the other direction. After that we went into the barn searing for Amber, we had our flashlights on and I looked at the ground, the shards of glass I saw earlier, there was blood on them ...


"AHHHHHHHH-" it was a female scream cut short.

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