Secret Life

It's about a girl name Amber, she's 16 years old and she's been adopted into Niall Horan's family because her biological father is very abusive. 8 months ago Amber was kidnapped and she tries to commit suicide, but she was found just in time. Now she's has her loving brother to help her cope with her cutting, and her best friend by her side all the way through. Did I mention she has a thing with Harry Styles? Well she does, but something goes horribly wrong and it puts their relationship at risk, will Harry be able to fix it when he gets back, or will his angry wreck what little feelings she has left for him?
Read to find out!
<<First fanfic- no hate please!>>


8. Eight

Niall's POV

"Hey sis, can we talk?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah sure. What about?"

"You ... And Harry" I spoke hesitantly.

"Oh? What about us?"

"I'm not going to beat around the bush with this, only because I don't know how to"

"Okay ... Continue"

"Do you and Harry have a ..."

"Thing?" She interrupted.

"Yeah" "Um ... I guess you could say that" she said quietly looking away.

"Thought so"

"How?! How did you find out?"

"I just guessed" I lied, not wanting to say over heard her and Jessica.

"No you did more that guess. Tell me the truth, I can tell when you're lying" she said completely pissed now.

"I over heard you and Jessica the one day"

"So you ease dropped on me?!"

"No that's not it at all! I came upstairs to go to my room and as I was waking by I heard you telling Jessica that you guys ... You know"

"What else did you hear?!"


"Okay..." she said unconvinced.


"Why what?" She replied sharply.

"Why would you do this to me. He's my best friend!"

"I didn't do anything wrong! And you're one to talk, you're a hypocrite!"

"What do you mean?"

"I know about you and Jessica. You can lie and say there's nothing, I see it by the way you look at her. She told me all about you two too" she replied annoyed.

"That's different"

"Different how?! It's the exact fucking same! You just think its not because it's not happening to you!" She yelled.

"I'm sorry love" I said realizing me bringing this up was pointless.

"No you're not"

"Yes I am Amber" I said as I went to give her a hug, I didn't like seeing my little sister in tears.

"Don't touch me" she growled, pushing me away.

"Amber..." I sighed.

"No. You're not going to wreck this just like you did with Josh. But I swear to fucking god, if you lay a hand on Harry ... I'll never talk to you again"


Amber's POV

I was so mad. How could he bring up Harry and I, being all upset about it even though he was doing the exact same thing to me. I stood there staring into his beautiful blue eyes, tears slid down my cheeks, I didn't want to look at him anymore so I ran out of this living room, to the front and quickly putting on my boots and coat. Luckily my keys and phone were in my coat pocket. I took my Mercedes and left. I saw Niall just getting to the front door as I'm backing out of our driveway, he starts to run to my car but I'm already down the street as he was getting to the road.


I showed up at Harry's but no one was home so I went to Louis' next. I knew I could trust him and he wouldn't tell Niall where I was. Good, he was home! I got out of my car and run up the stairs to his flat. I knocked on the door a few times then he answered mid-knock.

"Amber?! What are you don't here?"

"Niall and I ... We got into a fight" I said as I was trying to hold the tears back.

"Are you okay?" He asked, no worried.

"I'm fi-" I couldn't finish, because I wasn't fine.


The tears I was trying to desperately hard to hold back all came out. I started to cry outside of Louis' door as he stood in front of me. He gave me a hug not knowing what else to do and brought me inside.


* * *


Louis' POV Amber finally stopped crying, but I still didn't know what to do, she was in a sensitive state and I didn't want her to start crying again. I've never had to deal with any girls like this besides my sisters.


Ring, ring, ring

"It's Niall" I said as I looked at my phone.

"Don't tell him I'm here, please!" She begged me.

"Okay" I left the room to go to my bedroom so I could answer the phone.


"Hello?" I answered.

"Louis, is Amber there?"

"No why?"

"Louis I know she's there. Will you please tell her I'm really sorry and is like for her to come back so we can talk? Please?" He pleaded.

"I will ... Um tell her. But I can't promise she go back over there"

"That's fine, I just want you to tell her that, that's all I ask for"


"Bye" I ended the call walking back out into the living room and telling Amber what Niall said. She said she didn't really want to go back yet and I told her that was fine.


* * *


Harry's POV

When I got back from the gym and I realized Amber called me several times, it must be important. But if she needed ho she probably went to Louis next. So that's where I went to check. I was right, she was there. She was happy to see me when I showed up. She asked if it would be right to go back to my place, I told her that would be fine, she thanked Louis got all his help and have him a hug.


Once we got back to my place she asked if we could watch a movie, I said that would be great so we went downstairs to pick a movie out. She ended up picking out the movie 21 Jump Street, I loved this movie, it was hilarious!


During the movie we sat on the black leather couch in the basement, Amber sat with her legs up in the couch cuddled into me. It seemed like she hasn't seen this movie before, she laughed at a lot of the parts. It was so cute, I loved her laugh! After the movie we watched a couple more, then in the middle of the fourth Amber fell asleep and by the end of the same movie I was too.


* * *


Amber's POV

I woke up downstairs alone, I was really tired, but once I kind of woke up a bit I heard people talking.

"How could you?" Niall spat.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" Harry replied.

"You're dating my little sister!"

"So? What is so wrong with Amber being happy?"

"You're going to hurt her!"

"No I'm not! I would never do such a thing, I love her too much!"

"You say that now ..."

"I say it now and I'll stick by that. I saw those cuts on her wrist ... They're partially from you aren't they? You try to control her and her personal life too much. Mate she's 16! You wrecked that relationship with Josh, even if he was cheating I her you shouldn't have gotten in the middle. You've probably have gotten in the middle of more too, haven't you?"

"You bastard. You don't know anything about those" Niall snapped.


I quickly walked upstairs, I didn't want it to get any farther than it already had. As I walked into the kitchen I realized it was too late. Nil punched Harry multiple times in the face. Ouch, it looked like those hurt. It took Harry by surprise, he fell back as Niall first made contact with his nose, then moving in on him again for more. Blood squirted everywhere. Oh my gosh! My brother was a monster.

"Niall!" I screamed as tears came to my eyes.

"Amber ... I ... Um didn't know you were here, I thought you were with Louis" Niall spoke shocked.

"We'll you thought wrong" I said as I ran over to Harry, assessing the damage.


"No. Shut the fuck up. You've gone too far. Harry was right and you know it, you have wrecked so many of my relationships, it's like you think of it like a fucking game. Well it's not. It's me you're playing with"

"I was trying to protect you" he said innocently.

"No. I don't want your help. Leave." I said as I started to cry.


I turned back around and looked at Harry. I didn't want to look at Niall anymore! I was so pissed off at him. I helped Harry up and made him sit down on one of the kitchen chairs. I got him a cloth and an ice pack for his face. I helped him clean up the blood that was smeared on his face.


"Amber ... I can't so this anymore" Harry whispered.

"Do what?"

"Us. I love you and all, but I'm causing fights between you and Niall, the way you spoke to him, the way you looked at him over us, was terrifying,I've never seen that side of you. It's not right"

"No ... Don't worry about him, he'll come around"

"I'm sorry Amber"

"No" I spoke as tears started to come back.

"I love you and always will"

"No. I knew all that stuff you said wasn't true" I started crying as I ran out to the from door to leave. I quickly for my stuff on before Harry could say anything else. I got into my car and drove off, there was so much going through my head. It was hard to see because of the tears interfering with my vision. I kept driving even though it was a bad idea. I was more focused of everything that just happened. I wasn't paying attention at all, I hadn't realized I went through a red light until last minute; a transport truck came from my right side. It his my car full speed. All I kept thinking was "I'm gone". There's no way I could have survive that, especially since I wasn't wearing a seat belt, I was sent flying through my wind shield. No longer in my car. And that's all I remembered before I passed out.


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