How we met. (One Direction Love Story)

Aimee and her grandmother were like best friends. Secrets, gossip, and love. One day, Aimee and her whole family was taken by surprise because they got a call saying Grandmother Cathy had died of a heart attack. Only about two weeks after the call had been made, a funeral at a local church hall had been scheduled. Family, friends and neighbours all flew in from different countries and continents. 17 year old, Aimee was in for a huge surprise. A visit from One Direction!
Grandmother Cathy was always the kindest of all. One Direction was bankrupt at one time in their lives and Cathy had taken them in as if they were grandchildren. Cathy never visited her grandmother at the same time as One Direction, so she didn't even acknowledge the connection between her family and the popular boy-band. What happens when she does? A love triangle begins? Friendships end? Fights begin?


4. Wet

Aimee's P.O.V

After we had eaten the hotdogs. I looked at the boys to see what we were going to do next. Suddenly Niall ran off, then came back with a hose.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Nothing." Niall lied, then out came water.

I shrieked as the water came on us. Louis shrieked too, like a little girl.

"Stop!" Liam squealed.

"No." Niall laughed.

I ran behind Zayn, trying to hide myself. Suddenly I felt water on my back. I screamed and fell on Zayn. I landed on top of him, he smiled at me cheekily.

"Accident" I answer, staring at his gorgeous face.

Then I saw Niall spraying more water, I got off Zayn, then continued running. I hid behind a tree, Niall followed me, then continued spraying water.

"Please stop" I begged.

"Unless you say Niall is the best" Niall exclaimed.

"Never" I mumbled.

"Say it" Niall ordered.

"Niall is the worst" I exclaimed, running off.

Author Message:

 It's me ♥MiaFlora♥ have been currently busy, sorry for the delay and that it is a short chapter. See you soon.

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