How we met. (One Direction Love Story)

Aimee and her grandmother were like best friends. Secrets, gossip, and love. One day, Aimee and her whole family was taken by surprise because they got a call saying Grandmother Cathy had died of a heart attack. Only about two weeks after the call had been made, a funeral at a local church hall had been scheduled. Family, friends and neighbours all flew in from different countries and continents. 17 year old, Aimee was in for a huge surprise. A visit from One Direction!
Grandmother Cathy was always the kindest of all. One Direction was bankrupt at one time in their lives and Cathy had taken them in as if they were grandchildren. Cathy never visited her grandmother at the same time as One Direction, so she didn't even acknowledge the connection between her family and the popular boy-band. What happens when she does? A love triangle begins? Friendships end? Fights begin?


2. Introduction

Aimee P.O.V

I walked to the boys, remembering to breath deeply, trying to resist the temptation to hug and kiss them. I smiled at them. Calm down Aimee, I told myself, this was just five boys, five hot attractive boys, who are also in a band. 

"Hi, I am Aimee, it was really nice of you to come here." I told them.

"No problem, your grandma was like a mum to us, she really saved our butts." Louis joked.

"Right." I told Louis.

"You had a really touching speech" said Niall.

OMG. I was speaking to the only and only one direction, Jake and everyone else at school would be so jealous, so envious.

"Thanks" I told Niall.

"You must really miss her" said Niall.

Suddenly, I had felt tears trickle down my eyes, I realized how much I missed grandma. She was like a mum to me, someone I could trust, someone I could share all my secrets with, someone that would be there for me, always. A friend to me, I would visit her every day, before and after school, made sure she took all her medications, and looked after her. Some of the girls would laugh and make fun of me for spending so much time with my grandma, but they didn't have an amazing grandma like mine, she was my best friend, and I missed her, a lot.

"I do." I cried, trying not to break down in tears.

"There, There." Zayn comforted me, he wrapped his arm around me, and let me cry on his shoulder.

"Thanks, sorry I guess I got your jacket wet." I apologized, and pointed to the stain on the jacket.

"It's fine, I guess I would never forget you." Zayn joked.

"So, which one of us do you like the most?" Liam asked suddenly.

"Me" pouted Louis.

"Ummm, Zayn, actually." I told Louis.

"The bad boy charm must work on you." Liam mumbled.

"Me, I know I am irresistible" Zayn exclaimed.

"Yeah, tell that to the boy who only washes his underwear twice a week." Niall joked.

"Hey, I am so irresistible, you're just jealous." Zayn pouted.

"Right" Niall said sarcastically.

"Hey!" Zayn exclaimed.

"Guys stop fighting, there is a lady here, I am sorry Aimee for Zayn's behaviors" Liam apologized.

"It Was Niall's fault!" Zayn interrupted.

"Was not!" Niall said.

"Are they always like this?" I asked Liam.

"Always." Liam confirms.

They were like family, like brothers, who you could fight, play with, have a laugh, someone to trust. I had always wished for a brother or a sister but, sadly, mother did not want another child. I remember I would pretend, when I was little, that my little dolls were my sisters, and that I had a pretend sister named Molly, she would stick with me, my best friend, but I guess she disappeared as I got older.

Authors Message:

This is ♥MiaFlora♥, or known as Mia. Hi guys, and all my fans, I hope you liked this chapter. I am writing this story with the amazing Kelly, and am so excited. The Next chapter will be done by her. Hope you like this chapter. See you on Chapter four.

[Published March. 14, 2013 @ 8:08pm]

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