How we met. (One Direction Love Story)

Aimee and her grandmother were like best friends. Secrets, gossip, and love. One day, Aimee and her whole family was taken by surprise because they got a call saying Grandmother Cathy had died of a heart attack. Only about two weeks after the call had been made, a funeral at a local church hall had been scheduled. Family, friends and neighbours all flew in from different countries and continents. 17 year old, Aimee was in for a huge surprise. A visit from One Direction!
Grandmother Cathy was always the kindest of all. One Direction was bankrupt at one time in their lives and Cathy had taken them in as if they were grandchildren. Cathy never visited her grandmother at the same time as One Direction, so she didn't even acknowledge the connection between her family and the popular boy-band. What happens when she does? A love triangle begins? Friendships end? Fights begin?


3. Hotdogs.

Aimee's POV

"Hey after the service, do you wanna hang out? I mean I understand that you are super busy and all, but I was wondering if you wanted to go catch a bite, or like go to the nearby park." I was babbling non-stop. 

Niall stopped me by patting my shoulder and chuckling. "We'd love to hang. We've got some time on our hands. The tour doesn't start for what... Like a month?" 

"Great!" I was calm on the outside but on the inside... My heart was beating as fast as it would on a roller coaster as it's about to go up the slope. The wind would be strong and I would be slowly dragged up to the top. My heart would beat faster with each track it passed. Until the very top. Then which, they would push us down the rest of the way. 

"A friend of Cathy is a friend of ours." Zayn smiled.

The way his lips moved made me melt. The way he sounded out friend was so sexy. His smirk made it even harder to stay calm. His accent put him over the top.

"I've got to go to my family, but we'll hang out! Actually, can one of my friends, Jack, come join?" I asked them nervously. 

"Of course!" Liam invited generously. 

"Thank you!" I smiled thankfully.

I was melting into a puddle of shock. 

"Aimee, any last words for grandma?" My mother asked.

"It's okay." I answer quietly. 

I didn't want to cry. Tears were threatening to pour out but I knew I could not cry in front of One Direction. They would think of me as a cry baby and I would never be able to hang out with them. 

"You sure?" My mom patted my left shoulder.

"I'm sure." I answered, but my voice quaked near the end.

"Alright. Where's Jack, by the way." She asked while looking around. 

"I think he's with his family. Oh, and is it alright if Jack and I go hang out with One Direction? They're letting us join them for a bite and then the park." I explained carefully.

"Yeah, I know your obsession with them. Why don't you go meet up with Jack. We'll meet you back home." She smiled and kissed my left cheek.

"Stay safe!" She called over my shoulder.

"Yes, mother!" I yelled back.

I then ran off to find Jack.


"What do you guys want to eat?" Harry asked as his head wondered around..

"How about that hotdog stand?" Louis pointed to a medium cart parked in the middle of the grassy lawn. 

"What's a hotdog?" I asked.

"Do you seriously not know what a hotdog is?" Zayn asked. A shock face fell upon all five boys' face. 

"We don't usually eat food off random cart stands." Jack chuckled. 

"Oh my gosh!" Harry pulled my hand and pulled me over to the cart.

"Can I have seven hot dogs, please?" He tapped on the window of the cart which woke up the man inside.

"Coming right up!" The man said.

"Oh, you'll love this! Hot dogs are like the best food ever! I can't believe you've never tried one!"

"I've heard of the name but never had one." 

"Do you live under a rock?" He exclaimed.

"I'm not Patrick Star....."

He chuckled. The rest of the boys came in time as the cart man gave us the hot dogs. 

Zayn paid for the food as we walked away.

I took a bite into the hotdog...


Kelly's Message:

Hey there! Sorry for the late chapter! I haven't been on Movellas too much these past few days. So just a question... What's you favourite book? Cya on chapter 5. :)

[Posted on March 24, 2013 @ 2:21am]

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