Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


6. thanks, guys!

It was 5:30. That's when Alice said to leave because it would be a long drive. But i could leave at 5:50 and make it thee on time. I switched out of my day clothes, because I had a feeling Alice would be dissapointed if I wore the same clothes I wore to school. I pulled my blue button down shirt over my head and put on my grey v-neck on with a brown jacket with slacks. I fixed my hair in the mirror, remembering the scence Edward caused when we got home.

        "Jasper! You idiot!" Edward shouted. "How could you!" Emmett snapped. "Stupid." Rose said under her breath as she walked up the stairs. "Jasper, you shouldn't have done that." Even Bella agreed with them. "Boys whats going on?" Esme asked as her and Carlisle walked into the living room. "jasper, why don't you tell them." Rose suddenly appeard next to me. "it'll be hard to explain." I argued. "Jasper?" carlisle asked. "I'll tell!" Emmett exclaimed. "You see, Jasper got a date with a human, and he thinks its safe and nothings wrong with it." Emmett glared fiercly at me."Jasper is that.. true?" Esme gasped. "To an extent." i sneered. "there's a new girl Alice, we talk and she wants to get to know me better so I said yes. I'm not going to expose us and she won't get hurt."  "he left out the part where he Loves her." Edward said. "Love?" Esme asked, surprised. It took me a moment to answer but there was no point in lying. "Yes." I addmitted. Carlisle sighed. "If he's not going to hurt this girl, I don't think it's a big problem." Esme spoke up. My brothers and sisters did all but gasp aloud. "I agree." Carlisle said. I'm not sure if he really agrees with Esme, or he didn't want to not agree with her. Rose hissed "This is rediculouse! he's going to put this whole family in danger!" "I'm not going to." I simply said. "Rose, maybe he's right. I mean Jasper won't do anything to purpously hurt us and hey, she could always be one of us." Emmett suddenly agreed with me. "No!" I shouted. Everyone looked at me with confusion. "She will never, ever be one of us!" I explained. Emmett rolled his eyes. "Sure." and then "Come on Rose." They walked upstairs leaving Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella and me. "It would be nice if someone could see the future around here." Edward teased. "Jasper, when's your um.. date?" Carlisle studderd.  "Six." I answered. "Then we'll leave you be." Esme smiled brightly as they walked out of the room. "I guess we should go and let you get ready then!" Bella exclaimed. "thanks." And then I was alone in the room.



                  I looked at the clock 6:45. "time to go."

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