Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


16. run

"Edward, Bella get Alice out of here." I instructed. "I'm not leaving you." Alice fought. "Alice, you have to go.. once this is all over I'll come and get you." I promised. "Jasper..." She started. "This is not a place for a human," I told her. "trust me, he'll be fine." Edward said quietly. She stared at me for a moment but followed Edward and Bella.  We walked ouside and waited. Suddenly a figure peered behind a tree. and then another, and one person. "I hope you don't care, but it only seems fair that if you brought friends then I did too." He smiled like he did when he first saw me in the forest.  I made the first leap. I jumped in the air but got knocked down by one of his friends-- a girl. "Your not gonna fight a girl? are you." She played. "I think I would." I said as I got up and threw her into a tree. She went for me again but Emmett got her first, and killed her. Her head rolled in front of the one that wants Alice and he cussed under his breath. The next person to advane was another guy, He had dread locks and no shirt on. He went for Esme, but Carlisle stopped him. I was about to kill him when someone was on top of me. He slapped me across the face and got me in a lock. I could hear the sqealing of my head, and could feel the cracks forming. But then I felt nothing. I was dead. No, I wasn't I looked up and they were both gone. "chicken." Emmett laughed. "No." I said. "What?" Rose asked. "That was weried. He was about to kill me and then just left, there's something wrong." I explained. "Or he knew he was going to lose. I was about to get him off of you if the other guy didn't get me down, and then they both left." Carlsile told us. "Do you know where Edward and Bella went?" asked Esme.  "far away, I told him to drive as fast as they could.. Alice wouldn't mind."  "I'll call them now." I added. i got out my phone and dialed. "hello?" Edward answered on the first call. "Edward?" I asked. It sounded like someone else, not Edward. "Oh.. no! haha." whoever this was laughed darkly. And then it clicked. "Where are they!" I hissed harhsly. "If your talking about the two vampires and your human friend.. dead. well except for the human, I have her." I could almost hear the smile in his voice. "You killed them, you have her!" I shrieked. "it was quite easy, they're not good fighters. Especially the girl." Bella. Edward. Dead, how will Carlsile and Esme cope. I will kill him, he will be dead. "And the girl, I found out her name was Alice,she's very pretty. Shame I'mm going to kill her." He rubbed the word kill right into me.  "Don't.." I said.  He laughed harshly. "Come and find me then. FIght for her." He said. And then I crunched my phone, letting it drop to the ground in a million little tiny pieces. I walked slowly back over to the rest of them, not knowin what to say. "Is Alice ok?" Esme asked. "No. he got her and Edward and Bella.. Edward and Bella.." I couldn't finish the sentence without choking, needing air. "Finsih the sentence Jasper." Emmett instruscted. "He killed Edward and Bella." The words came out fast and choked. Esme's eyes were wide and she started sobbing dry tears. Emmett pounded his fist into his hand. "Oh he's dead." "Well he's also got Alice, and I can follow his scent so I'm leaving now." I told them. "I'm not losing you too." Esme said. "I need to get her." I foght. "I'll come."  Emmett said. "Okay let's go."

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