Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


3. problem

I walked as slowly as I could to the car the my "siblings" were waitting in. In ,my head I hummed every command that my genral has ever gaven me, so Edward couldn't get in my mind. "Hello." I said as I finnally got in the car. Emmett started driving and it was silent. "Hey jasper." Bella whispered to me. "Yes?' I asked. "Edward doesnt really want to ask.. but I need to know-She looked back at Edward and then returned her gaze to me- "why are you not letting edward in?" And then it all burst out like a dam holding back water but it was too weak. I was too weak and ALice and this afternoon flooded my memory. EVerything from me saying hi, to her smiling at me. Edward's feeling went to calm to angry. "Jasper how could you!" He suddenly yelled. EVeryone looked back at me. "I couldn't help it, Edward!"I shouted back. "Your in love with her! you've talked to her once.. and she's human!" Edward fought. Everyone gasped. I glared at all of them and made them all calm down. "I won't put her in any danger." I said lowly. Rosalie hissed loudly. "Who is it?" Emmett asked. "The new girl, Alice." I smiled at her name. "You're already putting us in danger!" Rosalie spit. "Stop!" I yelled. I didn't even relize we were in front of our house until the car stopped. "You're an idiot, this can't happen" Emmett said. "I'll stop talking to her, ok." I said. "Then there's no need to tell carlisle and Esme." Bella suddenly spoke up. "ok." They all agreed as they walked into the house. "Oh um, Bella?" I called. She turned around and nodded. "thanks"



                    "It's too sunny." Carlisle announced coming down the staris the next morning. alice. I thought. Edwad growled. "Jasper, do You want to go hunting?" Emmett asked. "sure." I sighed. I didn't want to go hunting. I was preferably thirsty, but Emmett would ask questions and things would happen. "mind if I come?" Edward asked. "sure, why not." Emmett laughed. We all walked out the door and started running. Am I going to get questioned? I thought to Edward. He didn't answer yes or no. He didn't even shake his head. EDWARD! AM I! I shouted in my head. This time he shrugged and ran faster. When we eventually got to the place where we decided to go hunting we all stopped. "All right boys, let's do this thing!" Emmett growled loudly and then we ran. I sniffed the air, there was 5 elk and one moutian lion, Edward could have the mountain lion. I crouched behind a tree and waited for the elk to come out. It walked out along with 2 others, unaware of the threat watching it. I leaped up from behind the tree and pounced onto the elk. It tried to fight back but I broke it's legs. I growled at it and it went numb. I opened my mouth and bit down onto it's neck. The warm blood trickled down my thorat and made the thirst go away. I did the same thing to about 3 others before I wasn't thirsty anymore. "Emmett! Edward!" I called out. They were next to me in .6 seconeds exactly. "Ready?" Edward asked. I shook my head and asked Edward "Did you get the mountain lion?" "No, Emmett got it before I got the chance." He glared at Emmett and pushed him aside playfully. The wind wipped and suddenly there was an amazing smell in the air. My eyes widened and I looked at my brothers. "Human." Edward said, teeth clamped together. "come on, we need to get out of here." Emmett instructed. I looked at my brothers and looked back. I sniffed the air one more time. mistake. "Jasper, NO!" Edward shouted. But it was too late, I ran after the smell.



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