Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


10. pissed at me

Me and Emmett walked out of the school, laughing because of what just happned. "Mr.Banner won't be able to sleep tonight." Emmett grinned. "Smiling now Jasper?" Bella asked. I rolled my eyes. "sure, why not." "Rose won't take the news lightly." Edward whispered in my ear. "Won't take what likely?" She snapped as we got into the car and Emmett started driving. Dammit Edward! I thought. He laughed darkly in responce. I threw the note to Rosalie and she read with a few eye rolls and glares in my direction. "that's great Japser! She Likes you!" She screeched' I rolled my eyes. "I like her too... no I love her." I threw love right in Rose's face. I wasn't going to feel bad. "She's a human!!" She exclaimed. "know what Rose your right, because love is about doing it and since I can't do that because I'll hurt her, no love," I snapped, half laughing at her. She cusseed under her breath and gave me a dangerous look. "your gonna start talking to her?" Edward spoke up for the first time since Emmett and I walked out. I thought of that for a moment. She could be in so much danger if I start talking to her again, but I would make her so sad if I didn't and just kept ignoring her, pretending she didn't exsist..... "Yes" I said flatly. The rest of the car ride was silent excpet for me and Edward's quick talk. She's scared?  I asked in my head so no one else could here me. He shook his head as to say yes. why..? "she thinks you putting this family in danger, and she doesn't want to start new again.. she's almost done hughschool." He explained. We wouln't have to, I wouldn't do anything....  When we finnally pulled into the narrow winding driveway Rosalie slammed the door and ran inside. "she'll warm up." Emmett said and ran in after her. Edward, bella and I walked in normally instead of running. "Edward, what's wrong with Rose?" Esme asked. "Ask him." he nodded toward me and started making out with Bella pasionitoly all the way up the stairs until we heard a big bang upstarirs. Carlisle rushed to Esme's side and held her waist wanting to listen to the story. I handed Carlisle the note and he and Esme read over it. "I see." Carlisle  "She's upset by the letter?" Esme asked, confused. "she's upset that I've decied to talk to Alice again" "you didn't give it much time" Carlisle noted. "I know, but I'm hurting her." I explained. Carlisle nodded  and sighed looking into my eyes. He didn't know what to do, and I hated hurting Carlsile and Esme. Especially Esme. "Maybe I should just leave.. to protect everyone" I suggested. Esme's Eyes widened. "Just until she's gone." I added quickly. "Jasper, no." Esme urged. "If you're putting you guys in danger---" "No! Jasper you're not leaving, I'd rather you talk to this girl." She ordered. I siged. I'm just trying to protect this family! "Rose..." I trailed off. Carlisle smiled. "eh, she'll warm up."  "and you don't think it will be safer if I just leave, go to Denali." I asked. "No, of course not." Esme's warm smile made me give in. "Ok, I'll stay." Esme honestly wanted to stay, and Carlsile too. "good," And Esme pulled me intro a smug hug.

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