Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


2. I'm Jasper Hale

Alice sat next to me. SHe smelled amzing, but not even tempting. Which was something new for me since I was the newest vegitarian it was always hardest for me. "Hello, I'm Japser Hale." I whsipered to her as she sat down. "I'm Alice Brandon." She smiled widley, I wanted to say more. This is not like me though. But just by her sitting next me made me wanna start new. Her hair was spikey and jet black and everything about her was pixie-like. "If you need anything, like help with work, you can ask me." I said. too fast! calm down. I instantly made myself calm down. "Ok. I think I will." She laughed brightly. I couldn't calm down when she said things like that. "So Jasper, how old are you?" She asked. Around 130. I thought. "um, 18." I said flatly. "I'm 18, too!" She squealed. "Tell me something about your self." i ordered. She smiled. "People tell me I'm alittle fashion O.C.D, now you tell me something." I could tell her 1,000,0000,00 things. I was in the army and um i'm a vampire. But i decided to stick with : "Well um, i have a sister and 2 brothers, also I was adopted." I smiled to myslef at my little provate joke i made there. "cool." She simply said. I forgot where we were until I got called on. "2r435444." I answered quickley. "Eyes on the boraed people." He snapped. I suddenly relized there was a problem with me liking this mortal. I was a monster, I was dangerous. I was a vampire. I turned and looked at Alice. This will be hard.

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