Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


17. fight

We ran nortth, following the scent all the way to an old abandon house. "You made it." The one with the dreadlocks said that. "we did." Emmett stepped foward and he gulped. "You brought a friend." he stuuderd. "It was only fair." I growled. "Where's Alice." I snapped. "James is dealing with her." He said. I stepped foward but Emmett stopped me. "Dealing?" Emmett asked. "well he wants to make sure she's ready when he sucks her warm, delicios blood." He licked his lips. So his name was James. "James!" I yelled. "You wanted to fight, let's go."  He was there is a seconed. He rushed towards me and I ducked, grabing his leg. Dread locks rushed for Emmett but once Emmett got his neck I heard a scream and I figured it Wasn't Emmett's. James took me by the neck and slammed me against a wall. I escaped his grasp and ran to the other side of the room. I had enough time that I made him confused. He stopped for a moment and looked around. It gave me enough time to Jump behind him and take his arms. He struggled, relizing what was happwning now. "Emmett!" I yelled. Emmet took his head between his hands and ripped of James' head. I pulled out the lighter and watched the fire swollow the whole room.



            "Maybe she was never here, it was a trick." Emmett suggested. "he was feeling... smart. So maybe." I sighed. "Jasper?" I heard a voice call. I tuened around. "Alice?" I called. She, Edward and Bella were all in car. I ran and picked her up out of the car. :Your ok." I whispered, stroking her hair. "So are you." She sighed. We kissed and I put her down, holding her hand. "Edward! Bella!" I suddenly called. "he really tricked you." Edward laughed. "Do Esme and Carlisle know?" Emmett asked, walking up. "Yes, I've called them. You should've heard Esme when I called, thought she would never stop saying my name." Edward smiled. Alice clung closely to me and I rubbed her back. "How did you find us?" Emmett asked. "you scent was very strong." Bella explained, "We should go." Edward added. "Okay, we'll meet up with you guys." And with that I pushed Alice back and kissed her and she kissed back. Finnally the happy ending. The vampire and the human could be happy together and that was very very good.

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