Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


15. explanations and meetings

I put her into my car and ran to the front. "NOw do I get a explanation!" She asked. "Yes." I said. "He's a vampire.. a hunter. He'll never stop hunting now." I explained quickly. "And how do you know!" SHe yelled. "I'm also a vampire, but I won't hurt you. See my eyes? They're gold becasue I hunt animals, not humans." I explained. "I'm not scared of you... or him. you'll keep me safe." SHe whsipered. "Alice, I don't mean to make you frightend but he will never stop. If I'm correct he's very very mad. Which I am." I mumbled. "How could you be sure." SHe asked. "we barley have enough time to explain but.. I can chnage and read emotions, Edward can read minds. vampires have powers." I said qucikly.  "All of them?"  "No not everyone." I whispered.  "If your a vampire... then why don't burn in the sun?" Sh asked. I laughed dryly. "We don't burn. after this is all over, I'll show you." I promised. "Is it this big of a deal?" she wondered. "every vampire isn;t like me, they can't controle thier thirst." I said. "where are we going?" "My house. I'm sorry, I didn't want you to meet my family like this." I instructed. "well, it's now or never."


        "Carlisle! Esme! the rest of you!" I yelled. They were all there in a second. "You must be Alice." Esme greeted. "Esme, not now." I said. "Jasper, what's wrong?"  Carlisle asked. SO I told everyone the story. "Is he coming?" Bella asked. "Only one, bring it!" Emmett grinned. "He's defently trying to kill us." I relized Alice was clinging to my arm. "Everything will be ok honey." Esme soothed. "thank you." She smiled.  "I got an idea." Emmett sneered. "I dont think so..." Edward said. "What am I missing?" I asked. "turn--" I wouldn;t let him get the full sentence out. "NO! never!" I shouted. "Jasper, it might work." Rose agreed. "Now your gonna help!" I snapped. "Jasper..." Carlsile began. "No, she didn't help then, why now?" I exclaimed and turned to Alice. "Don't listen to Emmett." I whispered. Emmett rolled his eyes and pulled Rosalie closer. "I won't." SHe laughed. "He's close! I can hear his thoughts!" Edward announced. i blinked twice. "His plan?" Esme asked. "Kill anybody who get's in his way." Emmett answered that. "exactly." Edward answered. "Do we fight?" Bella asked. "No, no way." Alice was the one who answered that. I raised my eybrow. "He's not-- he can't touch you guys." Alice studderd.  Emmett laughed loudly. "He can't touch us."  "nothing will happen." I assured her. "if anything does happen.... Jasper I love you." She whsispered. "More then anything Alice." And I leaned in for a kiss. It was passionit and I forgot about the company standing there. "you kissed me." She said when we parted. "I did." "Well if you two are done.. whatever that was, he followed the scent. and he's here."

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