Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


8. decisions

I skipped walking threw the door when I got home. I went strait to the back of my house and jumped in my window. I sighed of relief as I was finnally home. I turned around and jumped. "Edward, what are you doing in here!" I snapped. "You sound like a human girl." He joked. when I didn't answer he was confiused. "Your blocking me." he conplained. I didn't even relize I was blocking him from reading my thoughts, And I wasn;t trying to. i was more blocking myself from thinking these thoughts, I didn't want to remember what hsppned tonight. "What happned?" He asked, suddenly serious. "actually, it's proably nothing you should just go." I said, making him feel as if nothing is wrong.  "your probably right." he said, turning around on his heel. I smiled to myself. Plan acomplished, "wait, no!" He exclaimed turning back around. "Damn." I said under my breath. "What happned?" He snapped.  I didn't answer. "Jasper, that's an order!" he yelled. "she said that if she didn't know better she'd think I was older then what I am, that I've lived like 100 years." I shouted. His mouth made an O shape. "Rose heard that." Edward suddenly said.  "Edward!" i shouted. "I'm sorry." But I could see it was hard for him not to laugh. "Is she coming up?" I asked. "She's actually talking to Carlisle right now." Edward said. "I know what I must do." I eventually said after a long thought. "Are you sure?" he asked. "yes, and I'm going to tell the rest now."



            Everyone was bickering when I got downstairs, "Carlisle this is rediculous! you can't take Esme's side on this" Rose shouted. "Guys can you stop fighting for one minute and listen." Edward tried. "uhh." I sighed. "Calm." I said so quietly that only I could here, and everyone was calm. "Jasper!" Rosalie spit through her teeth.  I rolled my eyes. "you guys-- I stared at Rose in genral-- are really bad at listening." i whispered, "What's going on Jasper?" Carlsile asked.  "I've decided to ignore Alice. I'm going to stop talking to her." I sighed. "Jazz, you don't have to do that." Esme urged. She called me Jazz when she felt bad. "No Esme, it's fine, really." It wasn't as fine as I was leading on, but I had to protect my family. "You said you loved her." Emmett said to Rosalie's conplete disliking. "I did say that, but I also want to protect my family." I said sternly.  "Japser--" Carlisle began, but I cut him off. "No." I smiled weakly. "family." Was all I said.  Rose was quite smug right now, which made me more mad then I should be over a mere human.  "You're right." Edward whispered to me. I scowled at him, was Esme the only one who cared if I was happy? He chuckled lightly "Not about that part, about the part where she is quite smug."  Emmett grunted. Since I could feel other people's feelings and then Edward always could read my mind, we had little conversations that went on.. which also killed Emmett. A huge grin appeared on Edward's face as he read my mind. "Jasper, are you sure?" Carlisle asked, breaking Me and Edward's private conversation. No! I thought. "yes." I said aloud. It should have been the oppisit, infact it should've been the oppistit girl. Not a human but a vampire. Edward let out a sigh. I knew he read my mind and knew I wasn't too happy about this. But what else could I do?

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