Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


7. date

Alice laughed as i set up the picnick for her, "are you gonna eat?" She asked. "No, I'm not really hungry." I lied. "ok then." She bit into her sandwhich and checked her phone. "so Jasper can I hear anything else about you besides that you'ra adopted?" She asked, leaning in closer. Her eyes were beautiful and they made me want to tell her what and who i was was. "I'm a monster." I mumbled. "What?" She asked. I could kill her, I could get her seriosuly hurt. "Alice, I am no good." admitted. "Jasper, what do you mean?" She wondered. She was confused. "I mean, I- I'm not doing this right! just by sitting here I'm hurting you!" I shouted. "Jasper that doesn't make sence i'm perfect right now!" She explained. I just sat there, suddenly i relized that I'm a monster! she's a human and I'm a predator. "aAlice you don't understand." i whispered. "maybe I don't want to." She smiled teasingly. "No.. Alice-" "Jasper" She inturupted me. "If you have some deep dark secret I don't care, so can you be happy again." She explained. "if you found out, you would care." I said. "I doubt it." She smiled at me and made me forget everything I was thinking. "Ok, I'll stop being like this." I said. "Good" "tell me something about you, besides that you are a fashion freak." I laughed. "Ok well. I have a sister, her names Cynthia." She explained. "That's cool." I said.  "can I hear about your siblings?" She asked. "um sure... well my oldest brother---Emmett, he's good at sports and my other brother Edward is a good musician." I told her. "I thought you had more." She said, I smiled. "Paintients." "Ok." She sat there and waited eagerly. "My sister Bella is gracefully clumsy.. if that makes sence. and my other sister Rosalie is er-- hard to deal with." I chuckled. " "they sound interesting!" She chirped. "interesting." I mumbled to myself.



           "thanks for a good time Jasper." She says as I pulled up to her house. "my pleasure." "Jasper, you're not like other boys I met your polite and kind." She sighed. "I've had years to practice." I smiled crookedly and my own inside joke. "if I didn't know anybetter, I would say you've been alive for longer then 17 years." She laughed and I went along with it but I'm sure that my face was paler then usuall. She's figuring it out. "Ok bye Jasper!" she exclaimed getting out of the car. I waved weakly aand drove.

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