Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


12. Blood

We walked along the rocky trail quietly. "It's so beautiful." Alice murmerd. "I know." The quiet was nice. We were together, and that's all that mattered. Jasper-- woah!" She tripped over a rock and fell down before I could reach her. she sat there and cussed. "blood." She complained. Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood!!!! I bared me teeth a her and growled. She cant know who I am! I screamed at myslef. I started backing away slowly holding my breath. Her blood smelled amazing, the best I ever smelled. "It's just a little blood." She explained, stepping closer. "Alice." I said through clenched teeeth. "Yeah?" She asked. "Remember what I said about safety?" I growled. She shook her head. "Run! run now before something bad happens." I ordered. She just stood there confused. "Alice!" I yelled. "Jasper, it's just blood what are you gonna kill me." She laughed. "Alice, please go. I'll explan later." The not breathing thing didn't help, I was ready to spring. She just stood there, I had to escape. "Alice, I really like you but I'd feel-- I clenched my teeth harder, now hugging myslef-- horrible if something happened, So I have to go. Take my car home." I mumbled. "Jasper...." She bagan. "Please.. please." She nodded and backed away. "turn around." I instructed and she did. And then I ran, ran as fast as I possibly could. Leaving Alice alone and confused.



                      "stupid, god damn blood!" I yelled when I was far from the track. I breathed in the fresh air for the first time since the insadent. "Ah." I breathed, relaxed. I ran the rest of the way home and slammed the door with a pounding THUD! when I got into the house. Edward was the first one next to me. "Jasper!" He  snarled. I was silent. I only let him hear the part about how she started bleeding so i let him in on the rest. His eyes widened and he mouthed woah.  "I ddn't kill her." I explained. Emmett and Rose were next to come down.joy! "heard you killed'er." Emmett chuckled. I glared at Emmett and explained the whole story over again.  "but her blood smelled amazing, how did you do it?" He asked. "I honestly don't know."  I answered. "well Carlisle and Esme think this girls dead." Rose sneered. "told them didn't you?" I snappped at Rosalie, an inch away from her face.  "of course, they had to know." Rose snapped. "And where are they now?" I asked. "Hunting." Edward answered. "But they're home now." Like Edward said Esme and Carlisle came into the house looking strait at me. "Oh, Jasper..." Carlisle began. "what happened?" Esme asked. I sghed, I've told this story alot. "I didn't kill her.. if I did my eyes would be bright red." I pointed out moving my fingers to my obviosuly not red eyes. Carlsile relaxed and took a seet. "tell me everything." Carlisle loved therorys, new possibliities and a specualting about things. "we were walking ans she tripped, I didn;t notice that at first she was bleeding.. until she said something. I went crazy and I told her to go away and I'd explain later, but she didn;t lsten, She trusts me too much until I finnally told her that it would be " safer if I went. I told her to take my car and turn around... then I ran." I told them, explaining every detail. "you just resisted the blood, hmm interesting." He pondered. "What's so interesting about that?" Emmett grumpled. "Well it seems that Jasper-- He shot a smile at me and then looked back at Emmett--  avoided the blood.. resisteed the blood even, because he loves her." Carlsile explained. Esme nodded her head and said. "I'm glad you didn't killl her, you would quite upset." I would be upset if I bit my lips into her neck and sucked her sweet, delciiosue blood from her mouth. Edward gowled. "sorry." I whsipered. "well that saved us from moving." Rose sighed. I didn;t mean to, but I let  a low growl slip out from between my teeth. She didn't care that I was happy or that Alice was safe. She only cared about herslf.

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