Jasper and Alice are star-crossed lovers becasue alice found him. Well what if Alice was just a human girl.. new to forks high school that Jasper was madly in love with. What if James happened to track her still. WIll jasper tell her his secret to protect her....


9. Avoiding

Avoiding Alice was like getting my head ripped off. She walked into Math a big smile on her face, trying to talk to me. When I didn't respond back she frowned and went quiet. I sighed. Maybe it was over. I was wrong, "Japser?" She asked. I looked at her and noddedd my head. "Are you ok?" No I'm not ok! I have to ignore you because I'm a monster and my family doesn't want me with you, well maybe Esme and Carlsile and possibly Emmett.... That's what I wanted to say but I chose with something more subtle "No, Alice." I practicly spit it at her. I wantred to say sorry but that would inply us talking again. I tried to think of other things besides Alice. Myabe Edward and I could go hunting tonight, except we just went... . bored. That's what I was without thinking of talking and seeing Alice. Family, family, family FAMILY!!! I shoiuted at myself it my head. I knew Edward could here my thoughts from a farther distents so I just tried to keep quiet. I looked over to a quite enbareseed Alice, staring at me. It wouldn't take someone who could feel emotions to know she confused... maybe sad. I siged and opened my text book. It was just a prob, everything in this book would be like a luxery walk for me.. I already knew everything. "Listen Jasper I don't know what I did but---" "It's nothing that you did, it's all me. I'm at fault. Alice, we can't be friends anymore." I inturupted her. She didn't answer. She looked like she was about to cry though, her lips were pursed and she looked away instantly. I am the bad guy. Not because I'm a vampire, because I just broke up with someone who I was in a fried relationship with. If only Alice knew i still loved her... if only she knew the truth.



         one week. 7 days. 420 hours. 10,080 seconeds since I've been avoiding Alice. The final bell rung to my pleasure. Home seemed like it was the only place I could escape my feelings. I could escape seeing Alice's face; her perfect face and her beautiful spiky hair. I relized that I would love her forever and I couldn't help myself. Emmett was waiting--as usuall-- for me outside my last class. "herHe he." He grunted. He handed me a folded up piece up paper. I t had Alice's scent. I gently opened the paper and read it:

           Japser what's going on? You wont give me answers and I want them. you just randomly started ignoring me.. did I do something? I miss our talks. It's been a whole week and nothing. Tell your brother sorry I had to give this to him, but everytime you saw me you turned around, anyway I just want answers



                                "she gave this to you?" I asked, stunned.  "yeah she couldn't find Edward. It was pretty damn funny too, she just looked at me and studderd at me the whole time, she must like you Jasper because she was scared stiff of me. I gotta say the girls got guts." His booming laughter echoed the hallyway. I didn't answer. She's so hurt and it's my fault. "Avoiding her wasn't the best idea, was it?"  Emmett asked. He was seriouse? "Probably not." I didn't relize it was just us in hallway until a teacher started talking. "What are you two doing on school grounds, schools over."  It was Mr.Banner who barked those commands at us. "Sorry Mr.Banner." I apoligized. "Yeah we'll be on our way now." Emmett flashed a huge grin, up to his eyes. "well ok then." mr. Banner shuddered and said low enough that only our ears could hear. "Cullens."




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